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June 29, 2023

Roommate Relationships: Episode 804

58:12 – 

How to live successfully with roommates, plus Gary Thomas on the desire for marriage, and is coffee addiction sinful? 

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Roundtable: Tips for Getting Along With Roommates

Having a roommate (or more than one) is a great option for young adults who want to save money, live in community, and grow as an individual. But not every roommate situation is created equal; some roommates are naturally easy to get along with while others can be difficult. This week we share the highs and lows we’ve experienced with roommates, how to vet potential candidates, how to have productive conversations (even around conflict), how to set expectations in a living situation, and even how to be a good roommate yourself. 

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Culture: Gary Thomas on Desiring Marriage

Seeing friend after friend get married can feel discouraging if you’re still single with virtually no prospects. Will it ever be your turn? Pastor Gary Thomas, author of “The Sacred Search,” offers advice to those who are in a season of hoping and waiting for marriage. He’ll also suggest ways to grow in maturity and purpose as you seek a spouse.

Inbox: Is Coffee Addiction a Sin? 

We naturally label as “addiction” a dependence on things like drugs and alcohol. But what about caffeine? Is being coffee-dependent a sin? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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