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June 22, 2023

Doubts About God: Episode 803

1:03:31 – 

Wrestling with doubts about your faith, plus Gary Thomas gives book recommendations, and prioritizing time with your family.    

Featured musical artist:  Abandon  

Roundtable: What If I Have Doubts About My Faith?

At some point in your Christian walk, you’ll have questions about God, faith, the Bible and more. While seeking answers is a good thing, what about entertaining doubts? Does God want us to question Him? Is doubting a sign of a lack of faith — or of not being saved? Our guests open up about things they’ve struggled with and what has helped them seek and trust God amid questions, doubts and dark nights of the soul.

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Culture: Book Recommendations From Gary Thomas

Summer is here, and with it comes summer reading. Pastor and author Gary Thomas (hello, “The Sacred Search”) is a popular guest who is also an avid reader. If you’re looking for great books to read this summer (or anytime!), be sure to listen in as Gary gives some of his top recommendations across a wide variety of genres.

Inbox: Spending More Time With Family

Time is a precious gift — and so is family — so how do you prioritize your loved ones when your days and weeks are jam-packed with work, activities, and other pastimes? Our host Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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