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June 15, 2023

Men and Friendship: Episode 802

51:59 – 

What guys need in a friend, plus Alisha Plummer on singles in church, and are most Christian men on dating sites OK with premarital sex?

Featured musical artist:  Aaron Strumpel    

Roundtable: What Men Need From Friendships

Friendships are essential for emotional and relational health; without them, our lives can easily become self-centered and empty. But what exactly do men and women need from their friends, and what should we be willing to give? This week, a group of guys discuss friendship from a male perspective. They share what makes a friendship meaningful, how to go deeper in friendship, and how to call each other out when necessary.

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Culture: Including Singles at Church 

With most churches programmed for couples and families, it’s easy for single adults to feel left out. But Scripture affirms singles as a vital part of the family as well as the body of Christ. Alisha Plummer is a Christian single with constructive ideas for how the church can better integrate its unmarried members. If you’re feeling alone at church, this will be an encouraging discussion.

Inbox: Men and Premarital Sex 

Our listener says many of the guys she’s met on dating apps say their faith is important — yet they don’t have a problem justifying premarital sex. She’s pretty upset about it. Is this a male problem, or is there something bigger here? Counselor Glenn Lutjens weighs in.

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