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June 8, 2023

Women and Friendship: Episode 801

58:11 – 

What girls need in a friend, plus Laurie Polich Short on trusting God’s timing, and tips for those struggling in their first job out of college.   

Featured musical artist:  Covenant Worship    

Roundtable: What Women Need From Friendships

Friendships are essential for emotional and relational health; without them, our lives can easily become self-centered and empty. But what exactly do men and women need from their friends, and what should we be willing to give? This week, a group of ladies discuss friendship from a female perspective. They share what makes a friendship meaningful, how to go deeper in friendship, what to do when a relationship fizzles, and more. (Next week: the men!)

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Hear Laurie’s Story of Waiting for Marriage!

Culture: Trusting God’s Timing 

What do you do when God says, “Wait”? Or maybe you’re wondering if He’s saying anything at all. Trusting God’s timing and plan is no easy feat. Laurie Polich Short has relied on God during several seasons of waiting, including years of being single (she got married for the first time at age 49). Laurie will share strategies for waiting well, how to listen to God in what seems like silence, and why letting God call the shots is always worth it.

 Faith, Doubt and God’s Mysterious Timing: 30 Biblical Insights About the Way God Works  

Hear Laurie’s Story of Waiting for Marriage!

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Inbox: Launching a Career

She’s struggling with her first job out of college. Is there a way to get a jump-start and make progress when you’re new to the workforce? HR expert Marshonda Dixon weighs in.

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