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April 4, 2024

Jeanine Amapola on Confidence: Episode 844

55:41 – 

How long should my quiet time be? Plus Jeanine Amapola on healthy perspectives, and when someone ill withholds the news from family and friends.    

Featured musical artist: Abandon

Roundtable: Am I Spending Enough Time With God?

Read the Bible. Go to church. Listen to worship music. Pray. All of these are encouraged in our Christian walk. But is there a “magic number” of how much time we should dedicate to God when our schedules are loaded with work, friends, family and other activities? Our guests share strategies that have helped them make time for God, what “enough time” looks like for them, and why prioritizing God matters.          

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Culture: Healthy Perspectives for Young Adults (Part 1) 

What does it look like to be a truly happy and healthy person? Podcaster and young adult influencer Jeanine Amapola shares what it took for her to become a better version of who God made her to be. In part one of our conversation, she shares about a life-changing trip she took in 2019, how to submit your expectations to God, and embracing the life He gave you with confidence.        

Inbox: Should Someone Who’s Sick Inform Others?

When someone gets a serious diagnosis, should they tell family and friends or is it OK to keep quiet? Counselor Tim Sanford weighs in.    

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