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April 11, 2024

The Music We Hear: Episode 845

53:57 – 

The influence of music, plus more from Jeanine Amapola on healthy perspectives, and Lisa Anderson shares life-altering moments in her walk with God.   

Featured musical artist: Austin Stone Worship

Roundtable: The Power and Influence of Music

It’s nearly impossible to escape the influence of music in today’s world, and with so many streaming services, curating your own sound experience is easier than ever. While there are enough styles of music to suit every mood, it’s also wise to use discernment on how we consume and internalize the songs we hear. Our guests share what music they like, how they find it, what’s nostalgic and what’s new — then they finish by each listing some of their favorite songs.         

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Culture: Healthy Perspectives for Young Adults (Part 2) 

What does it look like to be a truly happy and healthy person? Podcaster and young adult influencer Jeanine Amapola shares what it took for her to become a better version of who God made her to be. In part two of our conversation, she addresses the need for good habits, how to make godly choices, and living with a sense of adventure.        

Inbox: Lisa’s Big “God Moments”

The longer you walk with God, the more you will experience life-changing moments in your faith and how you live it out. Lisa Anderson recaps what some of those moments have been for her.

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