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November 9, 2023

Madi Prewett Troutt on Love: Episode 823


When your beliefs are challenged at work, plus Madi Prewett Troutt talks “The Bachelor,” love and singleness, and how to lean on God after a breakup.

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Roundtable: When Your Workplace Challenges Your Convictions (Part 2)

Managing the daily grind at work is hard enough, but it’s particularly challenging when the environment is hostile to your faith and convictions. It’s not unheard of to see Christians ridiculed, canceled, pressured or even fired for standing up for what they believe. How should this kind of workplace culture be navigated? Our guests come from fields in education, medicine, mental health and the corporate world, and have experienced ideological challenges on the job. They continue a great discussion from last week on how to stay true to your convictions in an increasingly hostile world.

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Culture: Beyond “The Bachelor” With Madi Prewett Troutt

In 2020, Madi Prewett Troutt became a both beloved and maligned contestant on TV’s “The Bachelor.” Her season in the public eye taught her much, especially what love is — and what it isn’t. She shares lessons learned from the show, dating in high school, marrying her husband, Grant, and most importantly — from God himself. Get Madi’s take on how to get the love you want instead of what will never last.

Inbox: God Will Get You Through Your Breakup

Breakups aren’t easy, especially when you had high expectations for the relationship. People tell you to “lean on God” to deal with the pain, but what does that look like? Counselor Glenn Lutjens weighs in.

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