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November 2, 2023

Standing for Truth at Work: Episode 822

57:21 – 

When your beliefs are challenged at work, plus how introverts can win on the job, and balancing your priorities with your family’s needs.

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Roundtable: When Your Workplace Challenges Your Convictions (Part 1)

Managing the daily grind at work is hard enough, but it’s particularly challenging when the environment is hostile to your faith and convictions. It’s not unheard of to see Christians ridiculed, canceled, pressured or even fired for standing up for what they believe. How should this kind of workplace culture be navigated? Our guests come from fields in education, medicine, mental health and the corporate world, and have experienced ideological challenges on the job. They spark a great discussion on how to stay true to your convictions in an increasingly hostile world.

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Culture: Introverts at Work

Are extroverts more successful in their careers? Listening to workplace lore, you’d assume that it’s easier for extroverts to get ahead, make friends, influence others, and be recognized on the job. Sometimes that’s true — but introverts, take heart. Introvert Dr. Mike Bechtle says that introverts have unique gifts and temperaments that can spell success on the job. Whether you’re an introvert or you want to better understand your introverted friends and coworkers, you’ll be encouraged by this discussion.

Inbox: When Your Family Needs You

You want to focus on your own projects, priorities and friendships, but your family sometimes needs your help. How should you respond when things feel out of balance? Counselor Linda Miller gives a few tips.

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