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October 26, 2023

From Meth Addict to Musician: Episode 821

57:24 – 

Finding hobbies beyond entertainment, plus the testimony of worship leader Stephen McWhirter, and when you feel burned out from loving others.

Featured musical artist:   Aaron Shust

Roundtable: Purposeful Hobbies 

A new show to binge, a football score to check, and then some gaming (got to level up!). These pastimes are fun, but in an entertainment-saturated world, how can we balance our go-to media interests with hobbies that are more productive? Our guests open up about their struggles with consuming too much entertainment — and how they’re learning to stretch their minds and skills in other directions.       

Guests: Kati Marr, Adam Holz, John Peardon

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Culture: Stephen McWhirter’s Journey From Meth to Ministry

Before Stephen McWhirter became known for the song “Come Jesus Come,” he spent a long season openly hating God. Growing up watching his dad, a pastor, abuse Stephen’s mom, Stephen wanted nothing to do with Christians. He turned to drugs, and for over a decade they consumed his life. But that’s where God met him. Hear Stephen tell how God redeemed his broken story and gave him a platform to show others the path to true freedom.        

Stephen’s Music

Inbox: Burned Out From All the Takers

Ever feel like you’re giving your time and energy to everyone else, but getting nothing in return? If loving others is leaving you exhausted, counselor Jerry Jones offers hope.      

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