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October 19, 2023

Spiritual Compatibility in Dating: Episode 820

1:07:14 – 

Determining if you and your date align in matters of faith, plus female execs help women succeed, and pursuing a woman post-breakup.                      

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Roundtable: Are You Spiritually Compatible? 

You and the person you’re dating may both be Christians, but that doesn’t guarantee you’re compatible. What are your theological disagreements? Does their spiritual maturity matter? What about worship style or church experience? Our panel gives their best advice to help you determine what’s important to stay in sync spiritually with your significant other.      

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Culture: Helping Women Succeed in the Workforce

Today’s career landscape has exploded with new opportunities for women, but that doesn’t mean success isn’t hard-won. Three female execs and business owners who’ve been there spearhead a discussion on how to be a successful working woman and leader while honoring God and achieving work-life balance.       

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Inbox: What If She Just Ended a Relationship? 

He’s been on a couple dates, but both women recently came out of dating relationships. He’s wondering: Should a guy pursue a woman if she just ended a relationship with someone else? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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