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March 4, 2021

Respectable Sins (Part 1): Episode 683


The struggle with self-control, plus more real-life dating advice from Jonathan Pokluda, and a listener’s boyfriend is estranged from his family. 

Featured musical artist: Nathan Tasker

Roundtable: The Sin of Self-Indulgence

It’s easy to judge someone who sins big. After all, we would never do that, right? But what about those sneaky, subtle sins that we excuse, ignore or explain away? The late Jerry Bridges called them “respectable” sins. But sin is sin. So what do we do? In part one of our roundtable series, our guests tackle the topic of self-indulgence. It may be with food or another addictive behavior; or maybe it’s spending money, or outbursts of anger. Our guests discuss their self-control struggles, how they’ve tried to minimize them, and how in God’s grace they’ve now committed to a daily fight against this stronghold of sin.   

Guests: Kat Bittner, Diane Ingolia, Austin Light

Culture: Dating in a 2021 World (Part 2)

With the tech revolution, social media, smartphones and dating apps — not to mention a nasty pandemic all but squelching our opportunities for true connection — finding a mate is not for the faint of heart. But the question we’re all asking is: “What actually works?” Pastor Jonathan “JP” Pokluda offers excellent advice for how Christians should approach dating in an “anything goes” world. In part two of our conversation, he discusses how to stop playing games in dating, and debunks the myth of “you know when you know.”    

Inbox: Family Feud

He seems like a godly young man, and she wants to keep dating him. But he’s estranged from his family, and her mom is especially concerned about it. Is this scenario a deal-breaker for their dating relationship? Counselor Tim Sanford weighs in with wisdom for navigating this situation.  

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