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March 18, 2021

Respectable Sins (Part 3): Episode 685

50:05 – 

The struggle with impatience, plus lies young adults believe, and how does God speak into our dating experiences?   

Featured musical artist: Kerrie Roberts

Roundtable: The Sin of Impatience

It’s easy to judge someone who sins big. After all, we would never do that, right? But what about those sneaky, subtle sins that we excuse, ignore or explain away? The late Jerry Bridges called them “respectable” sins. But sin is sin. So what do we do? In part three of our roundtable series, our guests tackle the topic of impatience and irritability. Whether it’s losing your temper with a family member, obsessing about getting married, getting mad at your friends’ social media posts, or just not getting your way, impatience and frustration can creep in through many doors. Our guests discuss the subtle ways they’ve struggled with (and tried to excuse) these sins, and how God has shown them a way out. 

Culture: Lies Young Adults Believe (Part 1)

Many millennials and Gen Z adults are discouraged. The seemingly impressive accomplishments of our peers are only a click away. By fixating on others, it’s easy to get discouraged and feel like our lives aren’t special. Or that we’re not far enough along in our life plans. Paul Angone has a passion for helping young adults discover their true identity in Christ. In part one of our discussion, he’ll debunk the myth of “I’m the only one struggling” and talk through missing chances on opportunities, the dangers of comparison, and what it’s really like to pursue our dreams.      

Inbox: Did I Really Hear From God?

She dated her boyfriend for over three years before they broke up, then prayed about whether or not they should get back together. After feeling like God told her yes, they dated for another six months, only to break up again. Did she hear God correctly? Or at all? Counselor Yale Kushner weighs in.

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