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March 2, 2023

The Faith of Elisabeth Elliot: Episode 787

54:55 – 

A proper perspective on influencers, plus an insider’s look at Elisabeth Elliot, and helping a friend in an unplanned pregnancy. 

Featured musical artist:  Nathan Tasker  

Roundtable: Admiring or Idolizing an Influencer? 

We all have that person we admire or enjoy following on social media and beyond — the star athlete, actor or musician, famous pastor/theologian, or popular influencer. While we may have good reason to look up to a person for their wisdom, talent or accomplishments, at what point does admiring someone cross a line over into idolatry? Our guests discuss people they admire and why, how to keep perspective, and why the blueprint for our lives has to come from somewhere other than the people around us — no matter how amazing they are.

Culture: Elisabeth Elliot on the Heart of God

If you ask for the names of the most influential Christian women of the past century, the name Elisabeth Elliot is usually one of the first names mentioned. Missionary, author, speaker, teacher: Elisabeth was a pioneer in Christian service and discipleship. Kathy Reeg is the president of the Elisabeth Elliot Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving Elisabeth’s legacy and making her writings and wisdom available for the next generation. Kathy shares insider insight into Elisabeth’s giftings and passions, what we can learn from Elisabeth’s life, and a sneak peek at a previously unpublished and recently discovered book of Elisabeth’s titled “Heart of God.”

Heart of God: 31 Days to Discover God’s Love for You

The Elisabeth Elliot Foundation 

Timeline of Elisabeth Elliot’s Life 

Inbox: Helping a Friend Through an Unplanned Pregnancy

She’s asking a very important but sensitive question: What are some dos and don’ts for supporting an unmarried friend who is now unexpectedly pregnant? Also, are there any recommended resources for me as I navigate this season with her? Our friend Robyn Chambers weighs in.

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See Life Video Series

Valuing Life from the Start 

Option Ultrasound 

Support Your Local Pro-Life Pregnancy Medical Clinic

Alternatives to Abortion: Pregnancy Resource Centers

Hopeful Choice: What is a Pregnancy Help Center?

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