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May 16, 2024

You Need to Calm Down: Episode 850

56:25 – 

Choosing peace when you are angry, plus Ryan Wekenman challenges singles to make the most of today, and how should we respond when God seems silent?     

Featured musical artist: James Peden

Roundtable: Choosing Peace Over Contention

You hear some news you don’t like, the person whose behavior drives you crazy just called you out, or you have to deal with a difficult family member. These situations are prime opportunities to get you riled up, so how do you prioritize peace when you’d rather lash out? Our guests describe their biggest triggers, why they react, and how they manage their emotions and behaviors with God’s help.

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Culture: Loving Singleness Today (Part 1) 

There are two enemies of enjoying your single season: yesterday and tomorrow. When you fixate on either one for too long, you miss opportunities to make the most of today. Ryan Wekenman is a single young adult, pastor, and author of the book, “Single Today.” In part one of our conversation, he’ll discuss some of his own journey in singleness, plus why we’re so prone to fixate on regrets and fears instead of the joys right in front of us.         

Inbox: When God Seems Silent  

Most of us go through seasons where it feels like God is distant and refuses to answer our questions. When this happens, how can we stay hopeful and keep our hearts in a healthy place? Counselor Linda Miller weighs in.  

Guest: Linda Miller

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