How to Stay Marketable in Your 30s

How to Stay Marketable in Your 30s

Jun 01, 2015|Krishana Kraft

Whether you're looking for a new job or seeking advancement in your career, here are four tips to help move you in the right direction. 

Single Women Are Not on the Womanhood Waiting List

Single Women Are Not on the Womanhood Waiting List

May 11, 2015|Being Single

Is there any way for you, a single female, to live out this godly womanhood thing?

Why You Should Keep Hoping for Marriage

Why You Should Keep Hoping for Marriage

Apr 27, 2015|Being Single

Keeping hope alive as a single can feel like a struggle. But what if the struggle is the whole point? 

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  • |Roundtable

    Your Job Matters[19:52]

    Jun 04, 2015 | Brittany Crandall,Hannah Fessler and Kevin Gosselin
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How to Move Back Home and Not Go Crazy

How to Move Back Home and Not Go Crazy

Apr 06, 2015|Krishana Kraft

If you have temporarily moved back home, use these four tips to keep your relationships strong and healthy.

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Planning for the Future Without Knowing the Future

Planning for the Future Without Knowing the Future

Mar 23, 2015|Carolyn McCulley

Planning ahead is good, but things don't always go as planned.

Taming My Time

Taming My Time

Mar 16, 2015|Elisabeth Adams

If "no" is never a genuine choice in my mind, I can never say a whole-hearted "yes."

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Grad School Grief (and Gain)

Grad School Grief (and Gain)

Feb 23, 2015|Denise Morris Snyder

A few things to consider as you think about whether or not to pursue an advanced degree.

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When I Fear the Future

When I Fear the Future

Jan 05, 2015|Elisabeth Adams

What if my single life is more fruitful than I know?

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Depression: When It's Time to Get Help

Depression: When It's Time to Get Help

Dec 29, 2014|Tim Sanford

To know if you're depressed, you first have to know what depression is.

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  • |Roundtable

    Holiday Q&A[22:51]

    Dec 18, 2014 | Hannah Fessler,Martha Krienke,Dakota Sandras and Esau Silva
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Your Job Isn't the Problem, Your Attitude Is

Your Job Isn't the Problem, Your Attitude Is

Nov 24, 2014|Kate Harris

Cultivating gratitude for our jobs changes how we see the world and our place in it.

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What I Wish I Knew About Saving and Spending When I Was Your Age

What I Wish I Knew About Saving and Spending When I Was Your Age

Nov 17, 2014|Carolyn McCulley

When you are young and relatively carefree, how should you view the money you earn?

On the Gift of Singleness

On the Gift of Singleness

Nov 10, 2014|Barry Danylak

How do we know if we have the spiritual gift of singleness?

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The Corporate Ladder

The Corporate Ladder

Nov 03, 2014|Diane Paddison

How to understand your company's culture and be successful within it

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  • |Roundtable

    Goal Keepers[19:18]

    Oct 16, 2014 | Anthony Ashley,Ashley Bazer and Dave Corsten
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Career-and-Family Balance

Career-and-Family Balance

Sep 08, 2014|Alex Chediak

How single men can prepare now for a happy family life later

Do What You Love?

Do What You Love?

Sep 01, 2014|Courtney Reissig

A guide for thinking about the intersection of your passion and your work

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A New Model for Living Single

A New Model for Living Single

Jul 21, 2014|Owen Strachan

Be refreshingly honest, pour out your heart to a kind God, build a spiritual family, and live a full-throttle life.

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Do Something Awesome: Build a Family

Do Something Awesome: Build a Family

Jul 07, 2014|Owen Strachan

The way to happiness is when we exchange our sin and selfishness and small dreams for something harder and better and God-honoring.

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How to Glorify God as a Truck Driver

How to Glorify God as a Truck Driver

Jun 23, 2014|Del Tackett

Christian ministry isn't the only way to bring God glory through your work.

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6 Steps to Financial Independence

6 Steps to Financial Independence

Jun 09, 2014|Rachel Cruze

Debt is a big deal. Here's how to stay away from all its craziness.

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8 Steps to Break a Cycle of Family Dysfunction

8 Steps to Break a Cycle of Family Dysfunction

May 19, 2014|Tim Sanford

Destructive relationship patterns can get passed down from one generation to the next. Here's how you can set a new precedent for your future family.

When God Says "Wait," and Everyone Else Says "What's Wrong?"

When God Says, 'Wait' and Everyone Else Says, 'What's Wrong?'

May 12, 2014|Steve DeWitt

Advice for single men whom God has given the desire for marriage but who have not yet found a wife.

The Encumbered Life

Every Woman a Mother

May 05, 2014|Zoe Erler

Motherhood is a high calling for all women — whether single, married, fertile or infertile

The Time Is Now to Save for Retirement

The Time Is Now — To Save for Retirement

Apr 28, 2014|Rachel Cruze

Why retirement planning should matter to you (yes, you)

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Heart on Hold

Heart on Hold

Apr 21, 2014|Elisabeth Adams

Navigating a series of "almost" relationships can be wearisome. But this inconvenient process may also be the very means God is using to mature you.

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Dream Hard and Work Harder

Dream Hard and Work Harder

Feb 24, 2014|Sarah Pride

Success is more within our power than we tend to think — even for big, hairy, scary goals.

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Renting vs. Buying

Renting vs. Buying

Feb 03, 2014|Rachel Cruze

How to know when it makes more sense to rent and when you're ready to buy your first home

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  • |Roundtable

    Daddy's Girls[25:22]

    Jan 16, 2014 | Martha Krienke,Abby Hope and Briana Stensrud
Not Your Sister

Not Your Sister

Jan 13, 2014|Elisabeth Adams

What does it mean to be siblings in Christ?

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Out of School and in Debt

Out of College and in Debt

Dec 02, 2013|Rachel Cruze

If you're really serious about getting out of debt and pursuing your dreams, you have to get intentional about it.

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Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I

Nov 25, 2013|Felicia Alvarez

If we want a happy marriage in the future, we need to take selfishness seriously now.

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  • |Roundtable

    Clothes Call[22:51]

    Nov 21, 2013 | Joe Biggs,Audrey Castro,Austin Davco and Thomas Voss
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You Can Be a Cheerful Giver

You Can Be a Cheerful Giver

Every single person with any combination of Money Personalities can learn to be a cheerful giver.

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At Last

At Last

Aug 19, 2013|Beth Grabenkort

For all of us, life is about timing — God's, not ours.

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  • |Roundtable

    Moms at Work[27:25]

    Aug 15, 2013 | Brandy Bruce,Amy Hanson and Monica Schleicher
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The Money Talk

How and When to Have 'The Money Talk'

If you are seriously dating, you want to make sure your significant other approaches money in a way you can live with and appreciate.

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  • |Roundtable


    Jun 06, 2013 | Kristina Arias,Austin Davco and Michael Hurka
Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out

May 27, 2013|Elisabeth Adams

The pain of being left out as a single young adult is real, but there are practical things you can do to make it better.

Why Have Babies

Why Have Babies?

May 20, 2013|Candice Watters

You may think your reasons for having babies are biblical, but if you're like me, you've absorbed a lot more culture and a lot less Bible than you realize.

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Bosses Don't Give Gold Stars and Other Career Advice

Bosses Don't Give Gold Stars — and Other Career Advice

May 13, 2013|Carolyn McCulley

For those who are beginning their careers, here are four key principles for on-the-job success.

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Are You and Your Date Money Compatible?

Are You and Your Date Money Compatible?

As you pray about and pursue relationships, consider these three steps to find your match.

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Sanctification in the Season of Singleness

Sanctification in the Season of Singleness

Mar 18, 2013|Carolyn McCulley

Yes, marriage is one way God matures us, and it can be fairly intense. But it is not the only way.

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Sibling Survival

Sibling Survival

The key to loving your siblings well is grace and intentionality.

How Single Men Can Prepare to Be a Provider

How Single Men Can Prepare to Be a Provider

Mar 08, 2013|Heather Koerner

God commands it, and your future wife will love you for it. Are you up for the challenge of being the primary financial provider for your family?

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Helping Your Parents Help You

Helping Your Parents Help You

Feb 15, 2013|Candice Watters

If getting married is something you hope to do, your parents (or other parental surrogates) are likely among your best advocates.

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Learning From Ruth, Part 2

Dec 17, 2012|Candice Watters

The book of Ruth has much to say about getting to marriage in difficult circumstances, under the watchful, purposeful sovereignty of God.

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The 3:10 Principle

The 3:10 Principle

Nov 26, 2012|Daniel Weiss

When you think about giving, are you thinking about God's pledge of blessing or grumbling about your ever-decreasing wallet?

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Women and Work

Nov 21, 2012|Carolyn McCulley

Women tend to feel the struggle of untangling the modern conflicts of life, love and labor most keenly, but ultimately this issue affects the whole family.

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  • |Roundtable

    Spending Habits[29:02]

    Sep 20, 2012 | Martha Krienke,Gary Schneeberger and Doug Sommer
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Men — Who Needs Them?

Sep 19, 2012|Connally Gilliam

In a day when more women can bring home their personal bacon and fry it up in a pan, where does that leave their need for men?

Why Normal Isn't Working

Sep 06, 2012|Dustin Neeley

The 'normal' way American young adults spend money is a problem. Learn how to live within your means with these three practical steps.

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  • |Roundtable

    Home Headship[24:57]

    Aug 09, 2012 | Leon Wirth,Nathan Pyle,Mike Halsmith and Jesse Florea
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Podcast Image
  • |Roundtable

    Home Headship[24:57]

    Aug 09, 2012 | Leon Wirth,Nathan Pyle,Mike Halsmith and Jesse Florea
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All Figured Out

Aug 02, 2012|Chris Leland

It's important that we admit we don't have life all figured out and seek out wise mentors to help guide us.

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Switching Jobs

Jul 03, 2012|Alex Chediak

How should post-college Christians respond to desires or opportunities to switch jobs or careers? Here are four principles to guide you in making this decision.

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Held Hostage by Unforgiveness

Jun 20, 2012|Joshua Rogers

It's easy to feel justified in resenting a fallen father.

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  • |Roundtable

    Missing Dad[23:59]

    Jun 14, 2012 | Mike Halsmith,Patrick Dunn and Julie Hill

The Thrill of Dishonoring My Father

Jun 13, 2012|Joshua Rogers

Validation comes at a high price – but who cares, as long as your parent is footing the bill?

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Childless on Mother's Day

Childless on Mother's Day

May 10, 2012|Rachel Starr Thomson

If you're a woman who appears to be within childbearing age, people make assumptions. Learn how to handle their expectations with grace and femininity.

Abortion and Rape

Apr 27, 2012|Matt Kaufman

Many say abortion is the closest thing to a solution in cases of rape. Here's research that shows it isn't in the best interest of either mother or child.

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  • |Roundtable

    You Are Special[18:48]

    Apr 19, 2012 | Bob West,Ashley Boyer,Jared Ehrke and Jeremy Woodard

Working out a Theology of Work

Apr 13, 2012|Justin Taylor

How should we then work?

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  • |Roundtable

    Home Missions[21:00]

    Apr 05, 2012 | Jason Tippetts,Ashley Brannon and Roger Ingolia

If You Missed the Blessing

If you grew up in a home that withheld the blessing, take heart.

Seven Myths Single Women Believe

Seven Myths Single Women Believe

As single women cultivate godly attitudes and avoid damaging lies, they allow the Lord to pour out the things He has for them.

The Trouble With Men Is the Same Trouble With Women

Mar 14, 2012|Candice Watters

What do women do that make good, timely marriages less likely?

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As Rich as You Feel

Mar 02, 2012|Dana Ryan

Dana didn't have enough stuff, she thought. Then she thought again.

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My Single Identity Baggage

My Single Identity Baggage

On the journey to finding a mate, it's best to travel light.

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Undivided Devotion

Feb 22, 2012|Rachel Starr Thomson

What two funerals taught me about singleness and fruitfulness

What My Abortions Taught Me

Jan 18, 2012|Brenda Kilhoffer

If only I had known how my choices would affect my life and my relationships

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Midnight in the Bedroom of Good and Evil

Dec 07, 2011|Christopher Riordan

Dying to self doesn't happen in an evening.

Breakup Blues

Dec 03, 2011|Lauren Winner

Going through a breakup can be one of the most difficult things you'll ever experience. Lauren offers some advice and wisdom about the breakup blues.

When Love Ends

When Love Ends

Nov 22, 2011|Jackie M. Johnson

Emotional pain won’t just go away if you ignore it; you've got to deal with it.

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Don't Waste Your Disappointment

Oct 25, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

Trusting God with a hope denied

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Kids Don't Retrofit

Oct 14, 2011|Candice Watters

I used to think I could fit kids into my life. Now I'm not so sure.

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Not an Option

Oct 12, 2011|Candice Watters

When something everyone thinks is normal is not an option for you, you live differently.

Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

Oct 07, 2011|Thabiti Anyabwile

How does a person navigate him or herself into adulthood and maintain a healthy respect for their parents?

Missing Mom

Oct 06, 2011|Jennifer Nelson

How could I go on without her?

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  • |Roundtable

    The Parent Trap[25:32]

    Oct 06, 2011 | Martha Krienke,Travis Williams and Matt Ehersman
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Examine Thy Father and Mother

Oct 05, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

Step back and observe what your parents did and taught to see how it lines up with God’s perspective.

How Many Degrees Does it Take to Be Educated?

Sep 02, 2011|Drew Dyck

It's an age-old question that won't be silenced.

Thinking About Grad School? Part 2

Sep 01, 2011|Alex Chediak

Help for figuring out if graduate school would help you better pursue God's calling on your life

Thinking About Grad School? Part 1

Aug 31, 2011|Alex Chediak

Help for figuring out if graduate school would help you better pursue God's calling on your life

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Choosing Your Major

Choosing Your Major

Aug 17, 2011|Alex Chediak

How to find what excites you, will qualify you for a job, and uses your gifts and talents

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How I Survived My Debt Crisis

How I Survived My Debt Crisis

Jul 15, 2011|Todd Temple

For months, Todd's been sharing his financial wisdom. Ever wonder where he got it? Now he shares his personal story of recovery from crushing debt.

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  • |Roundtable

    Debt Deliverance[28:34]

    Jul 14, 2011 | Martha Krienke,Chris Tschamler and Valeen Tschamler
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Podcast Image

Making a Financial Plan

Jul 13, 2011|Timothy Smith

What is God's view on borrowing, saving and giving?

Set Go Ready

Set, Go ... Ready

Too many 20-somethings are delaying some of the most personally satisfying pursuits. It doesn't have to be that way.

Develop Your Leadership Potential

Jun 23, 2011|Alex Chediak

How your current circumstances can be the training ground for future successes

The Stockdale Paradox

Jun 22, 2011|Candice Watters

Keeping an unwavering faith in the midst of a difficult reality

Imagine Your Children

Jun 17, 2011|Jonathan Dodson

Fear could jump-start your parental preparation. And parental frustrations could lead to personal reformation.

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Podcast Image
Five Things You Didn't Know Fathers Do

Five Things You Didn't Know Fathers Do

Jun 15, 2011|Glenn T. Stanton

Instead of simply handing Dad another tie this Father's Day, thank him for making a difference in your life.

Single While Active

Single While Active

How to wait on the Lord and trust His perfect plan for your life, while taking steps to prepare yourself to be a good wife and mother

Diagnosis: Analysis Paralysis

Jun 09, 2011|Lindy Keffer

Those who desire to do well with their lives can still commit their share of confused meandering. Here's one way to stop it from happening to you.

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  • |Roundtable

    Seasons of Life[28:48]

    Jun 09, 2011 | Amy Seed,Megan Panarusky,Martha Krienke and Jeremy Woodard
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How Mothering Makes More of Us

May 05, 2011|Jenny Schroedel

Society makes it sound like having a child is the end of the good life. Actually, it’s the beginning of a better life.

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Podcast Image

Praying for Your Future Husband

Thirty years old and still praying for a spouse? Here's encouragement as you continue on the journey.

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  • |Roundtable

    Marking Time[28:26]

    Apr 14, 2011 | Martha Krienke,Andrew Hess and Adrianne Forster
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Living out of Balance

Apr 05, 2011|Alex Chediak

Work and recreation matter to God

When Your Parents Divorce ...

Mar 17, 2011|Sandi Greene

It's no easier if the split comes after you've left home. So what can you do to get through the tough times?

Called to Singleness

Mar 11, 2011|J. Budziszewski

You asked "What does it mean to be 'called to singleness' for your life? How do you know if you're called to it?" Theo answers.

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Finding Time to Succeed

Mar 04, 2011|Laurel Robinson

As busy as college life seems, it’s a lot slower than the work-a-day world that lies ahead. So make the most of these “lazy” days. Cornell shows you how.

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The Secret to a Great Valentine's Day

The Secret to a Great Valentine's Day

Feb 11, 2011|Candice Watters

Even if you don't have a significant other, there's still time to make this Valentine's Day the best yet.

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Podcast Image

One Choice at a Time

Dec 29, 2010|Kimberly Eddy

Every choice makes the next one easier or harder, depending on what we've chosen to do.  

Adding Meaning to the Holidays

Adding Meaning to the Holidays

Dec 24, 2010|Candice Watters

Celebrating the season is about more than just adding activities to an already packed schedule.  

From Adopted to Adopting

Nov 19, 2010|Justin Taylor

The consequences for the Christian who's been adopted by a heavenly Father are considerable.  

A Season of Celibacy

Oct 15, 2010|Jenny Schroedel

For most people, singleness is a temporary season. I wish I had more actively embraced its gifts before it ended.  

The Things I Won't Be

The Things I Won't Be

Letting go of expectations can be painful but freeing.  

The Accidental Housewife

Sep 22, 2010|Kimberly Eddy

No one told me the dirty little secret about becoming a mother ... that I would never feel the same about work.  

How to Pray for a Husband

Jul 20, 2010|Candice Watters

We're called to pray about everything. So what should prayer for a husband look like?

The End of Men?

Jul 09, 2010|Albert Mohler

What does it mean for large sectors of our society to become virtual matriarchies?  

Saving It for Marriage

Saving It For Marriage

Jul 08, 2010|Drew Dyck

"Saving yourself" for marriage is one way to bless your soon-to-be spouse. But there's value in saving other things as well.  

The Hardest Mission Field

The Hardest Mission Field

Jun 22, 2010|Kimberly Eddy

Witnessing to total strangers on the street is one thing. But sharing the Gospel with family brings things to an entirely new level.  

Step Away From the Pot Pie

Jun 02, 2010|Kimberly Eddy

As a single adult, you have some great opportunities to experiment in the kitchen and enjoy practicing hospitality.

When Your Parents Treat You Like a Child

When Your Parents Treat You Like a Child

May 25, 2010|Angela Moon

When your parents treat you like a child, what should you do? Read these stories from young adults who can relate, and pick up some ideas of how to respond.  

Self-Realization or Self-Gift?

Self-Realization or Self-Gift?

May 21, 2010|David Lapp

Yes, we want to get married eventually — but only after we've experienced the freedom of our 20s and had a chance to get know ourselves better.  

Charting My Course

Charting My Course

Apr 29, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

It had been many years since we'd talked about values and dreams and plans and goals. It was time for a refresher.  

Layoffs, Lies and Lessons Learned

Layoffs, Lies and Lessons Learned

Apr 27, 2010|Mike Ensley

You don't just lose a job when you lose a job. No matter what the truth is, it can still feel like you're worthless. And that matters enough.  

From House to Home: The Art of Dwelling Well

Mar 24, 2010|Jenny Schroedel

It's not so much where you live, but how, that matters.  

Mistake$ I've Made

Feb 26, 2010|Heather Koerner

One reader thinks the Boundless money columnist has done everything right financially. But she's wrong.

Where the Boys Aren't

Feb 19, 2010|Thomas Jeffries

With female students now outnumbering males on most college campuses, many guys don't lead simply because they don't have to.

One Step at a Time

Jan 28, 2010|Kimberly Eddy

"How did you know what God wanted you to do with your life?" my friend's daughter asked me one day.  

Feeling the Pinch of a Double Income

Jan 27, 2010|Heather Koerner

Some say less is more. Where money is concerned, though, more can be less.  

On the Death of Dreams

On the Death of Dreams

Jan 14, 2010|Jenny Schroedel

Sometimes you're just facing normal obstacles on the path to success. And sometimes the dream needs to die entirely.  

Clear Decks

Clear Decks

Dec 31, 2009|Steve Watters

Clutter hinders action and opportunity.

Alone for the Holidays

Alone for the Holidays

The holidays can be a lonely time. For me, they were very lonely.

In the Meantime: What to Do While Waiting on God

In the Meantime: What to Do While Waiting on God

Dec 16, 2009|Carolyn MacInnes

Haven't met your future mate? Getting anxious? Relax; you've got things to do while you wait. Here are eight suggestions for flourishing in The Meantime.

Requiem to My Twenties

Dec 03, 2009|Christina Holder

The years are not lost. They've only been let go.

Real Men Risk Rejection

The Marks of Manhood

Oct 30, 2009|Albert Mohler

When does a boy become a man? (Hint: It’s not your age.) Find out if you have what it takes to be a godly man.

Craving Crisis

Craving Crisis

Oct 28, 2009|Kara Schwab

Getting things done at the last minute can be quite a rush. Giving up the rush can be a hard habit to break.

A Ph.D. in Life

A Ph.D. in Life

Oct 21, 2009|Kimberly Eddy

My formal education may have come to a close, but I soon discovered my real, practical, hands-on education was just beginning.

It's Good to Wait

It's Good to Wait

Oct 16, 2009|Candice Watters

In my campaign against intentional delay have I diminished godly waiting?

A Time to Waste

Sep 25, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

If God could waste a perfectly good Messiah on us, why couldn't I waste something on Him?

A Balanced View on Singleness

A Balanced View on Singleness

Sep 12, 2009|Alex Chediak

In community with God's people, singles can discern their calling and (where appropriate) pursue marriage honorably. 

The Little Black Box

Aug 12, 2009|Christina Holder

It had become a box of bitterness.

Thoughts from the Ship of Singleness

Jul 22, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

I must admit that my ship of singleness feels a little less even-keel than it used to.

Make the Most of Your Unemployment, Part 2

Jul 17, 2009|Michael Lawrence

Just because you're out of work doesn't mean that God doesn't have plans for your life right now.

Make the Most of Your Unemployment, Part 1

Jul 16, 2009|Michael Lawrence

Just because you're out of work doesn't mean that God doesn't have plans for your life right now.

Talking Singleness

Jul 14, 2009|David Barshinger

A candid talk about singleness from a couple who spent most of their lives as singles.

Rejoice With Those

Watching friend after friend find true love can be discouraging, but it can also be an opportunity to shine.

Getting Unstuck: Stepping Toward Your Dreams

May 27, 2009|Jenny Schroedel

There's a reason what you want most seems so hard to achieve. Now some practical advice for getting there.

You Know What I Did Last Summer

May 14, 2009|Jason Boyett

College is for learning. But you can learn significant lessons outside the classroom — even on summer break.

The Slob Reforms

May 06, 2009|George Halitzka

We may have something to learn about management of time and paperwork from a guy who's gone from pigsty dorm room to clean and efficient home office.

Bye Bye, Pebble Baby

Mar 24, 2009|Brenna Kate Simonds

I was seven weeks and six days pregnant. And something didn't feel quite right.

One Single Day

Mar 03, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

As time goes on, it grows more clear to me that while my waiting years are a loss, they are not a waste.

Little Teachers, Big Lessons

Feb 26, 2009|Michael Lawrence

Some of my greatest teachers have been under the age of 10.

Study to Show Yourself a SAHM

Feb 25, 2009|Heather Koerner

I was overwhelmingly frustrated: Why in the world can't I handle one tiny baby and a 1,200 square foot house?

Closing the Deal

Closing the Deal

Feb 10, 2009|Alex Chediak

Don't sacrifice integrity just to get a good deal.

Looking For My Birth Mother

Jan 15, 2009|Kimberly Eddy

Kimberly's search silenced the questions that had swirled in her mind for most of her life.

More and Merrier

Jan 09, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

Numbers don't automatically create a loving community, but ...

Making It a Merry Christmas

Making it a Merry Christmas

If holidays with your family leave you feeling depressed, it may be time for some new resolutions.

Vessel of Honor

How I serve God in the world has more to do with my heart than my marital status.

Radical Womanhood: The Mommy Wars

Dec 11, 2008|Carolyn McCulley

In the mommy wars, every believing woman needs to enlist.

From My Love

Nov 26, 2008|George Halitzka

Maybe you're done with people. Maybe you've decided real relationships are a nice accessory to life, but ultimately not worth the pain.

Setting an All-Time Credit Record

Oct 23, 2008|Todd Temple

Most future-minded college students prize their academic record. But they ignore another kind of record that’s even more powerful: their credit record.

Vocation Plans

Vocation Plans

Oct 22, 2008|Alex Chediak

Choosing an occupation can be dizzying. Doesn't have to be that way.

Maggots in the Manna

Oct 17, 2008|Heather Koerner

Will I find that my savings have rotted one day because I refused to turn them over to God?

Lessons From Sneetches

Oct 14, 2008|Todd Temple

You don't have to be a genius to learn about money. Financial lessons abound. Even in Dr. Seuss storybooks.

How to Wallow in Debt

Oct 10, 2008|Todd Temple

Tired of hearing that debt is bad? Temple's here to show you how to get into debt — lots of it.

The Happiness Trap

Sep 05, 2008|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Would you rather be "happy" or "blessed"?

Digging Out

Sep 03, 2008|Heather Koerner

You're in a financial hole — and it's a deep one. How do you even begin to get out?

So You Wanna Be a Freelancer

Jun 12, 2008|George Halitzka

George was tired of working for The Man. Thanks to the Lord and his fiancée, he no longer is.

Working Man Hands

Jun 11, 2008|Tim Challies

I saw in Dad's hands an ideal, and to me they represented a hard-working man who labored diligently to support his family.

20-Something Reasons to Live at Home

May 23, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

Family life offers many blessings for the stay-at-home single adult, provided that we use this stage to actively and responsibly build a future.

Home-Buying Mistakes

Home-Buying Mistakes

May 09, 2008|Heather Koerner

What mistakes do I need to avoid when buying a home — and is there anything distinctive a Christian home buyer needs to consider?

Writing Without Inspiration

May 01, 2008|Susie Shellenberger

You can get there by breaking the rules.

Podcast Image
Podcast Image
Why I'm At Home

Why I'm At Home

Mar 07, 2008|Heather Koerner

Many women want to be stay-at-home moms. Heather decided to make that happen.

Object of My Affection

Object of My Affection

I know the One who should captivate my heart. Why then, am I so easily distracted?

Hold Up On the Start Up

Jan 08, 2008|Glenn Packiam

The next big entrepreneurial success won't start in a garage.

How Should We Then Work?

Dec 06, 2007|Jonathan Dodson

How can we integrate our faith with what we do with most of our waking hours: work?

From Loneliness to Solitude

Nov 08, 2007|Jenny Schroedel

Being alone. For some, it's painful. For some, glorious. And for some, it's both.

With Those Who Rejoice

With Those Who Rejoice

Oct 11, 2007|Carolyn McCulley

Your friends' relationships are moving along nicely and you're still painfully single. Even in the midst of such unfulfilled desire it is possible to be thankful.

Christians and Competition

Christians and Competition

Sep 06, 2007|Alex Chediak

Pursue winning, but Christianly.

Dream Big (But Be Faithful in Little)

Dream Big (But Be Faithful in Little)

Aug 30, 2007|Candice Watters

Faithfulness today with whatever you currently have to work with is the path God calls you to take.

The Thrill of Hope for Now and Not Yet

Aug 16, 2007|Candice Watters

Three books are mined for truth about singleness and marriage.

The Most Chilling Money Verse Ever

Jul 26, 2007|Heather Koerner

For me, the most chilling money verse in the Bible is Luke 16:11. What does it say? And what can I learn from it?

Eat the Car

Jun 21, 2007|Heather Koerner

To stay at home with your kids, it's best to start planning now. But what happens when it's too late to plan? Or your plans just didn't work?

Ten Things Now to Stay at Home Later

10 Things Now to Stay at Home Later

May 24, 2007|Heather Koerner

Think you want to stay home to raise your future children? Think you don't? Either way, you should read this.

Give Me My Flowers While I'm Living

May 17, 2007|Thabiti Anyabwile

Tell your loved ones how you feel. Now.

The Fruit of Immaturity

May 10, 2007|Alex Chediak

It's time to grow up.

Misguided Compassion

Apr 26, 2007|Candice Watters

Though they might seem compassionate, some singles ministries are actually more of a hindrance.

Dreaming the Right Dreams

Apr 12, 2007|Drew Dyck

Some are good. Others can set you up for failure.

Mortgage Free ... How Can That Be? Part 2

Mar 29, 2007|Heather Koerner

Last month we talked about "why" you would want to pay off your mortgage. Now we talk about "how."

After a Miscarriage

Mar 22, 2007|Jenny Schroedel

The death of a loved one is devastating, even if that loved one has never been born.

Mortgage Free ... How Can That Be? Part 1

Feb 22, 2007|Heather Koerner

How do I look at a mortgage from a distinctly biblical worldview? Should it be my goal to pay it off?

Goal-Setting and the Lake Effect

Dec 28, 2006|Steve Watters

A lakeside cabin retreat inspired some big dreams, dreams later brought into perspective by a day of rest.

Spending God's Money

Nov 30, 2006|Heather Koerner

"They sold their possessions and their goods," I read. Well, that's nice, I thought — for them.

Becoming Men: Feats of our Forefathers

Like our forefathers, this generation faces a crisis and an opportunity.

When to Say Goodbye

When to Say Goodbye

Oct 12, 2006|Thomas Jeffries

It's far too risky to wait until your loved one is on their deathbed.

The Laissez-Faire Family

Sep 28, 2006|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Though not obvious, there's a meaningful link between the increase in childless couples and the weakening of marriage among the non-college educated.

Haunted By His Absence

Sep 07, 2006|Thabiti Anyabwile

All his father left him was his razor and shaving brush. And an emptiness that endures decades later.

Earn to Give

Aug 17, 2006|Heather Koerner

I didn't expect a sermon from the 1700s to teach me much. But he was right then, and, surprising to me, right now.

Living Like Esau

Jul 27, 2006|Heather Koerner

We tell ourselves that we'd never sell our birthright for a bowl of stew. But do we just have a higher price?

Get to Work or Else?

Jul 27, 2006|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Most well-educated women have chosen to stay at home with their babies rather than work in the market economy. Now why would some people find that shameful?

Why Family? Part 2: Crucible and Legacy

Jul 06, 2006|Steve Watters

A pervasive myth in our culture is that commitment and sacrifice are barriers to our fulfillment - but family is really the path to fulfillment.

Why Family? Part 1: Purpose and Blessing

Jun 29, 2006|Steve Watters

Single men have asked "Who should I marry?" and "When should I marry?" But now they're finding themselves asking a more fundamental question: "Why marry?"

The King's Steward

The King's Steward

Jun 22, 2006|Heather Koerner

It was only a 30-second radio commercial. But it reminded me about the true meaning of stewardship — that He is the owner and I'm just the steward.

Caught in a Crush

Jun 15, 2006|Jenny Schroedel

We can see our longings as a bittersweet gift if we can look up from the tangled web of our own desires and see that they point past us, past the other person, to something more infinite.

Single Female Seeking Home Ownership, Part 2

Jun 01, 2006|Candice Watters

Maybe it's not the mortgage that's the problem, but the attitude that sometimes goes with it.

Drive Old Cars

May 25, 2006|Heather Koerner

It's time to buy a car. Since it's likely the second-largest purchase you'll ever make, you better get it right.

Single Female Seeking Home Ownership, Part 1

Mar 23, 2006|Candice Watters

Of course, for many women, it is a wise financial move to buy rather than rent. But if marriage is your goal, it isn't your only investment option.

Hold 'Em or Fold 'Em?

Feb 23, 2006|Heather Koerner

An Okie's brush with Texas Hold'em spurs some tough questions about poker.

Addicted to Adultescence

Feb 16, 2006|Brett Harris

Is extended adolescence a natural and beneficial sign of social evolution? Or is it a symptom of something more ominous festering in our hearts?

Finish Rich or Finish Right (or Both)?

Jan 26, 2006|Heather Koerner

A popular financial author advises how you can "finish rich." But is that what a Christian should be concerned with?

Things Left Undone: Thoughts on Guilt and Grief

Jan 26, 2006|Jenny Schroedel

A loved one dies. What can we do with our regrets? What can we do with the questions that seem to have no answers?

Rethinking the Gift of Singleness

Jan 19, 2006|Debbie Maken

Those few who are gifted to forgo marriage for the sake of the kingdom of heaven are to be commended. But maybe we should stop calling singleness itself a gift.

The Myth of Balance

Jan 12, 2006|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

The myth of "balance" is one of our culture's most pervasive and destructive myths. And Perpetua did not fall for it.

Debt the Halls

Debt the Halls

Dec 22, 2005|Heather Koerner

You may not find "credit card" in your concordance, but the Bible has a lot to say on the subject. This time of year, more than ever, we need to listen.

My Inner Mommy War

Nov 24, 2005|Heather Koerner

I wanted to take care of my baby full time. But doing so seemed financial risky. I found myself hesitant to do the right thing because of fear.

A Role I Want to Fill

Aug 25, 2005|Grace Dyck, Drew Dyck

Gender roles are attacked — and defended — regularly on college campuses. For Dyck, settling the issue and moving on is part of growing up.

The Not So Golden Years

Aug 18, 2005|Heather Koerner

A new study says we're lousy at saving for retirement. Is that a problem?

Taking Themselves Too Seriously

Jul 28, 2005|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Judith Warner's book, "Perfect Madness" is getting a lot of press, as is the broader topic of mommy anxiety. It's high time to expose Warner's whining.

Video Gamers Anonymous: Unplugged from the Matrix

Jun 30, 2005|Thomas Griffin, IV

One gamer has the courage to tell the story of addiction, and how he's broken free.

Leaving Limbo

Jun 16, 2005|Drew Dyck

They say 30 is the new 20. So what do we have to show for all that extra time spent growing up?

Living with Daring: Being a Dad

Jun 16, 2005|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Becoming a dad is relatively easy, biologically speaking. Becoming a good dad, now that's a whole different story.

For Richer, For Poorer

Jun 09, 2005|Heather Koerner

Are you getting ready to tie the knot? How about preparing to share the purse strings?

Get Smart

May 05, 2005|Laurel Robinson

Oh the heels of big name books that slam motherhood, one author's writing about some surprising benefits to having babies.

An Empty Future?

Apr 21, 2005|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

For a generation of singles, living life to the fullest could spell the end of life.

House Buying 101

Apr 14, 2005|Heather Koerner

Thinking of buying a home? Here’s how to make sure you’re ready — and that you buy smart.

A Man and His Money

A Man and His Money

Mar 17, 2005|Heather Koerner

Guys, you may not be tempted by shoe clearance sales. But do you know your three money blind spots?

Dream or Die

Mar 03, 2005|Hubert Morken

It’s true you can’t choose when you’ll be born. But you can determine how you’ll live. And how you’ll respond to the unexpected.

Pray Boldly

Pray Boldly

Feb 24, 2005|Candice Watters

Asking God to help you find a mate is a good thing. Here are a few tips for how to pray boldly for marriage.

Can't Buy Me Love

Feb 17, 2005|Heather Koerner

Are you feeling lonely? Consider these tips from money coach Sharon Durling. They may save your self-esteem and your wallet.

Seeking a Homeland: Thoughts on Moving

Seeking a Homeland: Thoughts on Moving

Feb 10, 2005|Jenny Schroedel

Finding a place to live is about more than lot size, square footage and resale. It's about finding your way home.

Confused About Everything

Feb 03, 2005|J. Budziszewski

Just months away from graduation and still without a major, Julie is at Theophilus' door, desperate for some guidance.

A Crisis of Our Own Making

Jan 27, 2005|Megan Basham

Some say 30 is today's 20. Authors Rubin and Macko say for women, 30 is mid-life — crisis and all.

God Forgives, VISA Doesn’t

Jan 27, 2005|Drew Dyck

It's no fun learning about credit the hard way. Better to read someone else's story and do what they didn't. This is that story.

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Jan 13, 2005|Laurel Robinson

Sometimes finding out what makes you come alive starts with learning what makes you miserable.

How to Know What You're Good At

How to Know What You're Good At

Jan 13, 2005|Marshall Allen

Your strengths, and not your weaknesses, are where you should focus your energy.

What Charlie Brown Taught Me about Christmas Shopping

Dec 09, 2004|Heather Koerner

I always knew Christmas and money go together; it took a melancholy cartoon character to help me learn how.

A Season of Celibacy, Part 2

Nov 18, 2004|Jenny Schroedel

Readers agree — celibacy sounds good in theory. Now for a little practical advice.

Chemist, Interrupted

Nov 18, 2004|John Thomas

Some people choose their majors for really good reasons. I was not one of those people.

How I Learned About Thanks … giving

Nov 11, 2004|Heather Koerner

Giving thanks with my mouth was easy. Giving thanks with my checkbook wasn’t.

Believing in the Dream of Marriage

Believing in the Dream of Marriage

Nov 04, 2004|Kara Schwab

Why is it some people's path to the altar is just a few footsteps long? Mine felt like a marathon.

The Taxman Cometh

Oct 14, 2004|Heather Koerner

Just graduated? Just married? Then taxes are coming for you. Are you ready?

When I Grow Up

Sep 30, 2004|Kara Schwab

As graduation nears, maybe it's more important to plan for who, than what, you want to be.

A Season of Celibacy, Part 1

Sep 23, 2004|Jenny Schroedel

For most people, singleness is a temporary season. This author wishes she had more actively embraced its gifts before it ended.

Debt, Diapers and You

Sep 16, 2004|Heather Koerner

Getting school loans is the easy part. What's harder is figuring out how to pay them back without sacrificing your family's future.

Motherhood On Trial

May 27, 2004|Megan Basham

Motherhood is a blessing, but sometimes even strong pro-lifers subconsciously think otherwise. Megan shows us why.

My Goals and the 'Lake Effect'

Apr 29, 2004|Steve Watters

What I learned at a small cottage about goals and God’s purposes.

Presley to Preacher: Part 3

Mar 25, 2004|Steve Watters

Discovering the wealth of the king.

Presley to Preacher: Part 2

Feb 26, 2004|Steve Watters

The difference between trying to get people to like you and learning to love like God does.

Presley to Preacher: Part 1

Jan 29, 2004|Steve Watters

How a visit with Elvis changed my dad’s view of talent.

Abortion and Rape

Jan 08, 2004|Matt Kaufman

Even after a rape, abortion is never the answer: Choosing life is best for both mother and child.

Unmerry Christmas

Unmerry Christmas

Dec 11, 2003|J. Budziszewski

What should you do when your family takes the focus of Christmas off Christ?

A Starting Salary of 'All the Pizza I Could Eat'

Nov 13, 2003|Steve Watters

Tough lessons and hard-wrought wisdom from Steve’s first job out of college.

Monkey on My Back

Nov 06, 2003|J. Budziszewski

The frustrations of pesky parents and the imperfections of those they’d like us to date.

The Slacker Diaries

Oct 16, 2003|Megan Basham

It's never too late to do what God created you to do.

Adult Before 30?

Oct 16, 2003|Steve Watters

Some think it takes guys 30 years to become adults. The question is, do you meet these low expectations or exceed them?

Power with a Purpose

Sep 18, 2003|Gina R. Dalfonzo

“Ambition” doesn’t have to be a dirty word for Christians.

The Virtues of Vacation

The Virtues of Vacation

Aug 07, 2003|Matt Kaufman

The Christian life isn't just work. It's also play.

To Boldly Go ...

To Boldly Go ...

Jun 10, 2003|Steve Watters

Writing and living a mission statement for the hungry years.

Making the Most of the Hungry Years

May 01, 2003|Steve Watters

Dreaming up your future while you snack on ramen noodles.

Not What You Think, Part 2

Apr 24, 2003|J. Budziszewski

Last time Eddie tried to explain away his drinking. This time Theo's getting to the real reasons.

Taming the Credit Card Beast

Apr 03, 2003|Todd Temple

Easy credit abounds — especially in college mail boxes. So how do you balance all that quick money with the potential for staggering debt? Glad you asked.

Strategic Majors

Feb 27, 2003

Why would a student who believes God created the universe major in evolutionary biology? Because that's where he figured he was most needed.

Not What You Think, Part 1

Feb 20, 2003|J. Budziszewski

He never drinks too much except on weekends. Or when he’s celebrating. Or he needs cheering up. Or ... excuses, excuses.

4 Songs That Sing the Blues (and How to Beat Them)

Feb 06, 2003|Steve Shadrach

Some of the richest, most successful people in the world are lonely. Maybe you are, too. You don’t have to be.

The Money Game

Jan 30, 2003|Todd Temple

Retailers know what'll get you into their store, what makes you want to buy and how to get you to buy more than you came for. Don't be a victim.

Should You Tattoo?

Jan 09, 2003|Lindy Keffer

Some people say "why not?" Others say "absolutely not!" Lindy sorts through the issues.

Mutual Funds Explained Pretty Clearly

Jan 02, 2003|Todd Temple

For the small-time investor, mutual funds may be just the thing.

More Ways to Rent Out Your Money

Nov 28, 2002|Todd Temple

It's a good thing to start a savings account. But where earning interest is concerned, there are much better ways to do it.


Oct 10, 2002|Laurel Robinson

Not sure what you’re going to do after college? Don’t hurry to come up with an answer; God may have some surprises.

Voting with Your Wallet

Oct 03, 2002|Todd Temple

You can vote for more than just political candidates. You can vote for consumer products — the ones that match what you believe in.

Grad School Days

Sep 26, 2002|John D. Martin

Should you apply to grad school? Maybe, but you need to think about a few things going in.

Kayaking to Romance

Sep 12, 2002|Dana Ryan

Dana's lesson: Don't throw yourself overboard trying to find "the right one." Just keep paddling.

Money for Rent

Aug 29, 2002|Todd Temple

You may not have much money. But with the right strategy, you can make almost nothing grow into something.

The Live One, Part 3

Aug 22, 2002|J. Budziszewski

You've met Richard, whose girlfriend had an abortion. Now meet his girlfriend and his brother; one's grateful to Theo, the other's boiling mad.

Saving Karyn

Aug 22, 2002|Karla Dial

How you handle credit cards can help make or break your sense of personal responsibility. Take it from someone who learned the hard way.

Forgotten Fathers

Jul 25, 2002|Marshall Allen

Many men don't want their children to be aborted. What do they do when they can't stop it?

Finding a Father

Jun 27, 2002|Sara Eggers

Her dad took off a long time ago. She still has days when she cries about it. But she also has something — Some One — else.

How to Buy a Car the Bank Won't Own

How to Buy a Car the Bank Won't Own

May 02, 2002|Todd Temple

A step-by-step guide for buying a used car

The Student Loan Swindle

Mar 28, 2002|Todd Temple

Why does college cost you so much? For the answer, follow the money trail -- to Washington, D.C.

America’s Cultural Suicide

Feb 14, 2002|Sean McMeekin

Not without controversy, Buchanan's new book raises some good points about Americans' failure to have children. And looking at my graduating class, I'd have to say he's not far off the mark.

How to Become Educated Despite Going to College

Feb 14, 2002|J. Budziszewski

Ever feel like your classwork is keeping you from becoming the person you really want to be?

Get Out! (of Debt)

Jan 24, 2002|Todd Temple

Last month Todd had advice for staying out of debt. If you’re one of the many who are already in it, this classic Temple column is for you.

Grandma, Where Have You Gone?

Jan 03, 2002|Sean McMeekin

Too often, we don't realize a good thing till it's gone. That's saddest when the good thing is a grandparent.

Stay Out (of Debt)

Dec 13, 2001|Todd Temple

The holidays can really sink your finances. This month's classic Money Talks column offers some tips for avoiding the debt trap.

Filling the Holiday Hollow

Filling the Holiday Hollow

Nov 15, 2001|Todd Temple

It's a fact: We will never be able to afford what we want. Maybe that's because what we're really after can't be bought.

The Live One, Part 2

Oct 12, 2001|J. Budziszewski

After a long wait, the conclusion to Richard's conversation with Theophilus about his girlfriend's abortion is here.

A Major Decision

May 24, 2001|Anne Morse

You, or your future wife, are not doomed to a nine-to-five job like some would have you believe.

My Father's Closet

Apr 05, 2001

When someone says they're gay, they get all the attention. But what about those they leave behind?

Artistry vs. Responsibility

Mar 22, 2001|Marshall Allen

It’s tempting to go for the glamour when choosing a major. But as this quirky film reminds us, choosing a path that pays the bills is a noble task.

The Peter Pan Syndrome

Mar 15, 2001|J. Budziszewski

Ever feel like running from responsibility? In many ways, college is the perfect place to hide.

Heartbreak Therapy

Feb 08, 2001|Sarah E. Hinlicky

The pain of breaking up kind of makes you long for something better.

The Live One, Part 1

Feb 08, 2001|J. Budziszewski

Can abortion make you suicidal? What if you're a man?

Me and My Mammon

Feb 01, 2001|Sarah E. Hinlicky

It was just a simple little Christmas gift. But it didn't stay simple for long.

Gimme a (Tax) Break

Jan 04, 2001|Todd Temple

In life, two things are unavoidable: death and taxes. We'll talk about death another day.

College Ruined Her

Jan 04, 2001|J. Budziszewski

Sometimes, a trip home for the holidays can be a painful experience. Especially when you've changed.

Ethical Investing

Oct 04, 2000|Todd Temple

One reader thought Temple was encouraging readers to invest with no eye toward morality. Here he sets the record straight.

Future Interest

Sep 12, 2000|Amy Desai

Sometimes getting school loans can be easy — too easy. It's not until after graduation that the painful reality of what you've done sinks in.

Contrary to Popular Opinion

Contrary to Popular Opinion

Aug 31, 2000|Todd Temple

When it comes to saving money, not everybody's doing it. You gotta' be willing to be different.

My Brother Ben

May 24, 2000|Jennifer Boerema

He isn't like other boys his age. But to me, he is perfect.

A Dramatic Calling

Mar 23, 2000|Anne Morse

For too long, Christians have shunned the arts; particularly drama. It's time we re-evaluate our perspective, says Professor Camille Hallstrom in this interview with Boundless.

Three Romantic Errors

Mar 23, 2000|Sarah E. Hinlicky

Ever feel like you'll never find Mr./Ms. Right? Hinlicky's advice might help.

Stock Swapping

Mar 15, 2000|Todd Temple

"It seems like everyone's getting rich off the stock market these days. Everyone, that is, but you." If this sounds familiar, read on. Temple's primer on investing may be just what you need to get started.

The Truth About Alcohol

Feb 09, 2000|Clem Boyd

Administrators wring their hands over it. Students shrug their shoulders over it. Maybe it's time to look at the deeper consequences.

Sportin' Life: Gambling on American Campuses

Nov 11, 1999|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

When you think of gambling, what comes to mind? Tawdry showgirls and Vegas "adventures," or your roommate's computer and Saturday's home football game? It may be time to rethink.

Even You Can Invest

Oct 28, 1999|Todd Temple

You may think investing is something you'll get around to in the future. But the future is exactly what you should start planning for now. Temple makes it easy.

Why Men Are Out

Sep 23, 1999|John Thomas

Men are declining says Prof. Tiger. The question remians: Why?

What Do Women Want?

May 13, 1999|Anne Morse

Morse reviews Danielle Crittenden's book, What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman

Why Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Feb 11, 1999|Sarah E. Hinlicky

When romance goes sour, the healing can take a while. Even for a guy.

Get Serious About Studying

Jan 07, 1999|John Thomas

New Years Resolutions abound this time of year. If studying harder is among yours, read on. John tells you how, starting with the library couch.

Changing Majors? Don’t Forget to Tell Mom and Dad

Dec 10, 1998|John Thomas

’Fessing up to a change in course work can be scary. Finally, some advice that’s bound to work.

Where Money Should Go

Nov 12, 1998|Todd Temple

For college students short on cash (is there another type?) there's one sure way to financial success — and it's not the lottery.

Babies and Boardroom: You Can Have it All

Nov 05, 1998|Anne Morse

You say you want a career and someday, children. How will you balance them? Today’s mommies and daddies are blazing the trail.

Advice From the Counterculture

Oct 15, 1998|Dennis Prager

Los Angeles talk show host and world-renowned speaker discusses powerful ideas to propel you beyond college.

Discovering What God Loves

Oct 15, 1998|Steven Garber

It's not what you study in college but what you love that will determine your success in life.

Tracking Your Cash

Oct 07, 1998|Todd Temple

Money management can be easy and, dare we say, kind of fun.

Child-Rearing Interlude

Wiegand’s decision to be a full-time mom made sense to her, but to her Harvard colleagues, it was a break in her all-important career stream.

Wealthy Enough

Aug 22, 1998|Todd Temple

One man's story of money. How it broke him in college.


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