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How a KitchenAid Mixer Taught Me to Trust God

Last night my husband made mashed potatoes using the KitchenAid mixer we bought with money from our wedding. He was singing its praises for the fluffy, delicious potatoes we had with dinner. Every time I use the mixer it reminds me of God’s faithfulness.

Because the stand-up mixer is expensive and is typically something couples add to their wedding registry, the longer I was single, the more often I considered just buying one for myself anyway.


Whom Shall I Fear?

My stomach dropped a little bit as I leaned back into the soft cushion of the seat. Suddenly, the ride began to slowly inch up the incline. I gripped my best friend’s hand tightly to calm my nerves, and in that moment, I regretted my decision to get on this roller coaster.

Until last summer, I had never ridden a roller coaster that went upside down. They scared me too much, but when I went to the King’s Dominion amusement park, my best friend was determined to make me conquer my fears.


How to Be Beautiful for the One You Really Want

A decade ago, I knew two young women whom I’ll refer to as Molly and Tiffany.  Plenty of guys fawned over Molly, but they overlooked Tiffany, even though she was more attractive than Molly.

If you got to know Tiffany, it was apparent that she did not think much of herself. Actually, even if you didn’t know Tiffany, her face and body language advertised how little she thought of herself. Her eyes were often downcast, her smiles lacked energy, and her shoulders were slumped.


The Carnival Midway Strategy

by Taylor Rogers

OK, y’all. I have a question: Have you ever had a normal, ordinary day when God speaks to you and teaches you something extraordinary?

Taylor, you mean that God speaks to us outside of church and/or religious events?

Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying. It happened to me just last week during my annual trip to the Florida Strawberry Festival.

While I was walking down the midway, the Lord taught me a big something about a strategy that Satan uses to hinder our eyes from staying focused on Christ.

singles ministry

Singles Ministry: Episode 390

Listen to this week’s show!

Question to discuss:

What has been your experience with singles groups, ministries and small groups? How do you think singles ministry can be improved in today’s churches?

Roundtable: A Spot for Singles

Are you part of (or have you been part of) a singles ministry or small group? Was it a good experience? What makes a singles ministry great? What are the challenges inherent in creating a space for single young adults within the church?

waiting in ticket line at amusement park

God, Can I Have a FastPass in Life?

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, then you are probably familiar with the coveted FastPass. The FastPass system allows visitors to insert their resort ticket at an attraction and receive an additional FastPass ticket. The FastPass ticket lists a specific time to return to the popular ride and enter a line separate from the normal line. Thus, it provides a shorter wait time. Guests can visit other attractions all the while knowing their spot in line is secure.


I Didn’t Know You Wanted to Visit Kansas City!

Even though I’m a newlywed and don’t have decades of experience being married, I would still say I know my husband very well. I know how to read his moods, and I know which TV show he will think is funny. I know what brand of hummus he prefers, and I know from recent experience that he will not wear a salmon-colored polo shirt.

I thought I knew Tyler well as we were dating and engaged — I mean, I wouldn’t decide to spend the rest of my life with someone unless I knew him deeply.


Finding the Balance: Speak Up or Stay Silent?

With the recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage, Christians have wrestled with how to respond. Various groups and leaders have taken stands on both sides, and the Internet is filled with endless comments, ranging from the highly intellectual to the downright toxic.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of my Christian friends have taken to Facebook to share their opinions, which seems to be increasingly par for the course in our generation. Social media has fostered a people that believes their opinions matter and need to be shared, which brings me to my question today: When faced with things with which we disagree, should we speak up or stay silent?

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5 Tips for Launching a Young Adult Ministry

by Adam R. Holz

What does it take to successfully launch a ministry to young adults? As John Greco said in his Boundless article “So You Want to Start a Young Adult Ministry,” love, prayer and discipleship are foundational elements before we talk about ministry strategy.

Assuming that foundation is in place and you’ve got your pastor and church’s blessing, here are five strategic considerations I’ve gleaned from more than a decade in young adult ministry (including two groups that I helped lead as a single layperson and one community my wife and I led together after we were married in our mid-30s).


Bringing Discipleship Into Dating

by André Adefope

As the founder and director of a U.K. charity called Relationship Dilemma, one question I get asked a lot is: “Does God even care about how we date?” I think this question is vital.

In my experience, most Christians have two typical approaches to dating. Some reject dating completely and think it’s unholy and unredeemable. They wait for God to place “the one” in front of them and aim to jump from singleness to marriage.