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The Hot Wives Club: Episode 455

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Question to Discuss: If you got married tomorrow, who would officiate your wedding? If there’s no strong pastoral connection, is a friend a viable option as an officiant?

Roundtable: Will You Marry Us?

More and more Millennials are choosing their friends to officiate their weddings instead of their pastors. What’s behind this trend, and is it going to continue? Is it meaningful or problematic? Our panel dissects the implications along with the value of having friends in other aspects of your big day.

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We Create Our Memories, but What Do They Say About Us?

Memory is a tricky thing. It can change how we view our history, both individually and collectively. And memory only survives through storytelling, jumbled up words and events that are strung out in sequences. In sharing a story, we continually bring life to previous events, reinventing them with each retelling.

This tendency toward storytelling is especially noticeable in us writers. We tend to think in terms of narrative; we live and breathe it. We process the world and think about our lives as if we’re telling a tale.

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If I’m Single, Can I Have a “Career Shower”?

What’s worth celebrating?

Well, lots of things. But what’s worth “showering” with celebration?

We’ve got engagement showers, bridal showers, and baby showers (we’ve even got the sprinkle party for when a full-blown shower might be too much of a downpour). These gatherings are normal and even expected, centering around key milestones (wedding! baby!). They usually involve a copious amount of practical gifts for the bride- or mommy-to-be.

And, unfortunately, they serve to reinforce a basic assumption: If you’re not married, it’s a little harder to get in on the showering, leaving some singles to believe the significant moments that shape their lives aren’t as worthy of recognition.

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Divorce to Blame For Young Adults Leaving the Church

A few years ago, everyone was speculating about why Millennials were leaving the church and their Christian faith. Reasons given for the mass emptying of the pews ranged from churches being antagonistic toward science to churches inadequately addressing sexuality. Most of us have dealt with our own qualms with the church, and we could add to this list.

A new study from the Public Religion Research Institute has found another culprit for the exodus: divorce. A Washington Post article, “How Decades of Divorce Helped Erode Religion,“ reports on the findings of the study that examined the upbringing of Millennials rather than their cultural preferences:

People whose parents divorced when they were children are significantly more likely to grow up not to be religious as adults, the study found.

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What I’m Learning About Beauty

I made the hair appointment with the same trepidation I felt when I pulled out my phone to show my stylist what I wanted. The picture? A woman with hair several inches shorter than my conservative chin-length bob.

For years, I had oogled over photos of pixie cuts on Pinterest. I kept saying to myself, however, that a short haircut like that would make my face look fat and ugly, take away from my femininity and cause me to look like someone I’m not.

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Can We Start Giving Each Other a Break, Please?

I was a teenage plus size model.

I was also 200 pounds heavier than I am currently, and since I am a now size 14/16, you know I wasn’t just curvy. Innocently, my modeling career began when I went to buy clothes at a now-popular plus size store. This was back in 1998 when “curvy” wasn’t even a term people used. These were the days before empowering beauty hashtags and Tess Holiday.

But the fact that I was a plus size model wasn’t something I wanted to scream to the world.

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The Power of Singleness

Growing up I fell in love with lots of girls — I just never talked to any of them. I didn’t even date or kiss anyone until college. I was so insecure around the people I wanted to like me, and I had no idea who I was. Adolescence was hard and lonely and full of longing.

This is partly what afforded me the time to develop my thoughts and passions. I began writing, drawing, and developing my own thoughts on life and who I wanted to be.

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You’ve Got Options: Episode 454

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Question to Discuss: Is it possible to live out more than one calling in your life? What does living out your calling look like?

Roundtable: For the Sake of the Call

Do you know what a multipotentialite is? I didn’t, either. It’s basically a person who’s about a bunch of different things — sometimes all at once. They could be passions, interests or hobbies, but in this week’s roundtable, we talk about the word in terms of calling.

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Singleness and Hardship

At 36 and single, I’m feeling okay about life. I was never the girl that dreamed of marriage. However, by this age I assumed I would be married with kids. Most days I don’t think about being single; it’s just what my life is. But there are some days when I find myself thinking about it often. The past couple of months have been a string of those days.

I live in Baton Rouge. In case you’re not aware, there was a serious flood here in August.

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Can Single Men and Women Be Close Friends?

Can men and women who are single be friends without ruining the relationship?

This feels like an age-old question in the church, and there are lots of opinions out there. Many believe such friendships are ultimately doomed and therefore should be avoided altogether. “It’ll always lead to something else for one or both parties,” they argue. The relationship will become romantic, or it’ll fade away when one of them starts dating someone else, so why bother?