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Et Cetera: Is Heaven Boring?, Happy Work, Self-Promotion

This week, we begin a new series called “Et Cetera,” in which we highlight some of our favorite internet content for the week. If you’d like to recommend that we feature something (even if it’s your content), tweet us a link @BoundlessTeam and let us know. We’ll check it out, and we might feature it. In the meantime, check out this awesome stuff.

Randy Alcorn has been a long-time friend of Boundless and is one of my favorite authors.

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Are Single People Less Blessed?

Looking around the sanctuary, I felt the familiar twinge of loneliness — the husband gently rubbed the shoulders of his pregnant wife, an engaged couple exchanged loving glances, a mother hushed her restless toddler.

I’m the only single person here, I thought to myself as I took my seat. As if she could hear my thought, a newly married woman met my eye across the aisle and smiled. I detected a look of sympathy reflected back at me — a look that said, “Poor thing.”

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a single woman.

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Something Better Than Forgiveness

The recent news stories surrounding the Ashley Madison hack have stirred up several shocking revelations of people caught using the adultery website who should have known better. It’s not over. There surely will be more to come.

The backlash over such stories has been something of a cultural phenomenon in itself. Some have rushed to judge and condemn those caught in sin, while others have rushed to forgive and have encouraged others to quickly forgive these sins.

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Choosy or Cheap?: Episode 395

Listen to this week’s show!

Question to discuss:

How do you make entertainment choices when it comes to violence and disturbing images/scenarios? Have you wrestled with this, and did you come to any conclusions? Did you make any changes in your viewing habits?

Roundtable: Have Fun Without Going Broke

Being financially wise — even frugal — is one thing; being cheap is another. If you want to watch your budget but don’t want to be a social (or dating) killjoy, what options do you have?

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Maybe it’s Time to Stay in Your Comfort Zone

I was about 13 when I first remember hearing the call to “step out of my comfort zone.” I was at a church chapel, and a visiting missionary was urging the students of my Christian school to consider signing up for a summer mission trip. Since then, I’ve heard that phrase hundreds of times, in both churches and secular environments; and it usually seems like a timely reminder to step into the adventures that God has to offer.'s Pursuit 2015 conference for young adults

Pursuit 2015: The Recap in Photos

Things were buzzing on the first day of Pursuit 2015. We were amped that after God-knows-how-many hours of dreaming, planning, meeting, emailing, calling, designing, printing and so much more, all of our hard work was about to crystallize into an epic three-day weekend with 300 of our Boundless friends.

As attendees trickled in, we got warmed up with registration, a scavenger hunt, and an ice cream social. It was off to a great start.

Just like Pursuit 2014, we did our official kickoff with a Coffeehouse Mixer that broke the ice, helped everyone meet, and jittered us up on sugary treats.

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A Non-toxic Christian Response to the Josh Duggar Scandal

When the news first broke last May that Josh Duggar had molested five young girls, including four of his sisters, I, along with the rest of the world, watched as the sordid tale unfolded. It was horribly sad, to say the least, to see a man with a family, serving at a Christian organization, have the consequences of sin he had committed years before wreak havoc on his life and family. While this kind of thing happens all the time in our fallen world, we all got a front row seat to the unraveling of lives because of the public nature of his family.

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Five Questions with Author Karen Swallow Prior

When Karen Swallow Prior was a child, church wasn’t a place that she associated with belonging, even though she was immersed in Christian culture. Books, on the other hand, were her refuge, a place where she came alive, an escape from the boredom of serving God.

Karen eventually drifted from God and pursued academia. However, she says that in graduate school, she eventually “grew to understand how inextricably connected books are to God, who is the Word and the author of all words.” It was also around this time that Karen embraced pro-life activism as a result of watching The Silent Scream, a video showing an early abortion taking place via ultrasound.


The Three Levels of a Woman’s Heart

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” (Proverbs 4:23, NIV).

It seems that in recent times, guarding my heart is something I’ve had to learn a lot about, and I am realizing how very much I still have to learn.

For a single female who desires to be married, it is extremely easy to let emotions run away with themselves. My years of singleness have included unmet expectations and hard lessons on dashed hopes and disappointment.

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Back to School: Episode 394

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Question to discuss:

Have you ever been in a relationship where you didn’t feel a “peace” about it? What did you do? What did you learn from the process? Would you do anything differently today if you found yourself in the same situation?

Roundtable: Life as an Educator

Life as a leader in today’s schools ain’t easy. Whether you’re a teacher, administrator or occupy a support role, today’s education landscape is changing and presenting new challenges almost daily.