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Man in the gym

When a Man Wears Underwear to the Gym

A few years ago my buddy Shon and I were working out at the gym when I saw something that baffled me: a middle-aged guy in the gym walking around in his T-shirt, sneakers and his underwear. Yes, his underwear, and no, we were not in the locker room.

At first I thought, Surely not. There’s no way. He looked like a normal guy, but after two or three quick glances, I discovered, yes indeed, the man was swaggering around in tight, gray boxer briefs.

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My Friends Make Me a Better Person (and Hopefully a Better Wife)

Almost every single woman I know does it — she keeps a running list of bridesmaids in her head, just in case she’s in a position where she has to decide in a split second who will stand up with her at the altar as she pledges undying love and fidelity to another. My list doesn’t really change — it only expands. I seem to collect close, irreplaceable friends with every move I make, and I know I couldn’t have that inevitable panic attack before I walk down the aisle without (all of) them standing there.

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Winning at Being Single: Episode 447

Listen to this weeks show!

Question to Discuss: Who defines what “reality” is? If you claim something is real or reality, and I disagree, how do we come to a conclusion?

Roundtable: Taking a Stand

Remember the whole, “Would you believe me if I said I was a 6’5” Asian woman” set-up? Yeah, we do too. The responses were startling. And somewhat sobering. Truth is pretty squishy on today’s college campuses but what about in the minds of Christian young adults?

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Grab Your Cardigan, and Let’s Talk About Change

Hey, guys! As October brings blustery weather, the return of Uggs and pumpkin-flavored everything, it also brings a new team of writers to Boundless. In the coming weeks we’ll be introducing you to a few of the voices we’ll be adding to our crew. I know you’ll love them all as much as I do, and I can’t wait for this new season (literally — I’m so over summer). First up, Chris Crane!  – Joy Beth

New seasons are rather interesting.

Woman holding a baby to the sky

“I Feel Like I Was Born to Have Babies”

Last week, a female athlete made the news with one provocative statement: “I feel like I was born to have babies.”

The words came from professional beach volleyball player, three-time gold medalist and mother of three, Kerri Walsh Jennings.

Her words made a stir among those who refuse to associate reproduction with the purpose of one’s life, but it occurred to me many of the women I know actually share Kerri’s feelings. I know I did.

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The Power of Online Comments and a Caution to People Who Write Them

Earlier this year, I made the risky decision to write about the church’s struggle to connect with people in the gay community (to which Lisa wrote an additional piece). It was a tough topic because I was juggling all kinds of competing interests: There was God, first and foremost, whom I didn’t want to misrepresent. There were my gay friends, whom I didn’t want to alienate. And then there were believers, whom I wanted to encourage, rather than accuse.

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Clear Your Calendar: Episode 446

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Question to Discuss: What does it mean to be a “strong” or “intimidating,” and what are the strengths and weaknesses of identifying as this type of woman?

Roundtable: Do Less to Do More

Most of us have packed schedules. Some of us even wear our crowded calendars like a badge of honor — but is filling every moment of your day and week wise? New studies show that doing less actually primes you to do more, and to do it better.

A disgruntled couple in the middle of a fight

Wrong Attention Feels Better Than No Attention

One of the first Boundless articles I read was Suzanne’s “Not Your Buddy.” At the time I had decided to move on from a confusing friendlationship with a guy I had met through small group. From random invitations to “grab dinner and hang out” to serving alongside each other in a high school ministry and seeing how well we worked together as a team, he was exactly the kind of guy I wanted to date.

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36 and Single … What If I’m the Problem?

Last month I reconnected with a friend from high school. We reminisced about choir, laughed over an old road trip quote book and asked “what happened to so-and-so?” During our conversation, he casually mentioned we’re only two years out from our 20-year high school reunion. Wow. Already?

The next day I developed a mild case of the “what ifs?” regarding the reunion. What if I’m still single? What if I don’t even have a date?  And then, of all things: What if I end up dating (and marrying) someone from high school?!?

The front page headline of the day Erin died.

The Guilt and Fear That Follow Death

I stopped talking to my friend Erin Myers because I was embarrassed of her.

We were going to the mall together, and she wore a sleeveless denim jacket and a hat decorated with a large sunflower. This was also the year she played trumpet in the band, a fact that significantly lowered her social status at Petal High. I was terrified of being seen with her.

And somehow Erin detected it. This particular afternoon when I asked her to stop at my mom’s work for just a minute, she let me out and drove off.