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Indebted: Episode 401

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Question to discuss:

What was/is your experience with school debt? What would you do differently if given the chance? If you have school debt, what are you doing to tackle it?

Roundtable: Freedom From Student Loans

Did you make wise choices in financing your education? Did you emerge after four (or five or six) years with little to no college debt? Or post-college, are you in pain as the result of monthly payments that perhaps you weren’t prepared for?

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Our Identity Myopia

“Find your identity in Christ.”

I’ve heard this phrase tossed around so many times since I became a believer in junior high school. Didn’t get into your first choice of colleges? Look to Christ for your identity, not your university. Didn’t get voted prom king? Don’t look for popularity to find your value — look to Christ. Then in college: Don’t worry if you don’t graduate with a “MRS.” degree, because your relationship status isn’t who you are.

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4 Phrases that Bugged Me When I Was Single

I was single until I was 30. During that time, when I spent time with my married peers, there were some things they said that really bugged me. Now that I’m married, I realize that part of my irritation was due to interpretation. On the single side, I understood the things they said in a way that was less than accurate.

If you’re single like I was, maybe I can enlighten you with the real meaning behind some of those annoying phrases.

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Real-life Humans (Like You) Are About to Get Yelped

All your worst fears are coming to an app called Peeple that is being released next month. It allows anyone to rate and review other folks just like they would a restaurant or chiropractor on Yelp. You can’t help but wonder how many broken friendships, verbal assaults and suicides it will eventually inspire.

Here’s how Entertainment Weekly’s Mary Sollosi describes it:

When the app launches, users will be able to review their friends, coworkers, and romantic partners — who may or may not have ever signed on to the app themselves — using a one- to five-star rating scale.

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The Odd Couple Out

What happens when your single friends give you the boot?

That’s what happened to me when I started dating my now-husband. I had a wonderful group of single Christian friends. We’d meet multiple times a week. Life as a single was moving along just grand.

Then it happened. After months of circling around each other, we finally made it official. The guy I’d been crushing on was finally mine. Score! I expected my friends to be excited and supportive.

Cover to Ben Pasley's new album, Elemental

Et Cetera: Elemental Music, Christian Phrases, LGBT Neighbors

Welcome to Et Cetera, where we feature some of our favorite internet content for the week. If you’d like to recommend that we feature something (even if it’s your content), tweet us a link @BoundlessTeam and let us know. We’ll take a look, and we might feature it. In the meantime, check out this awesome stuff.

First up, Ben Pasley, the creator of the Enter the Worship Circle series, just released a wonderful new album called Elemental and I think you should buy it immediately and meditate on the kingdom-centered lyrics.

Episode 400 of The Boundles Show

Happy 400th!: Episode 400

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Question to discuss:

How has The Boundless Show had an impact on you?

Roundtable: I Love The Boundless Show Because…

This week The Boundless Show celebrates 400 episodes, and you’re invited to the party! What has the show meant to you personally? Do you have a favorite interview, moment or topic that we’ve covered? Have you learned something from the show that has been a game-changer in your own life? This week’s roundtable features your calls as you share The Boundless’s Show’s impact on you.

Boundless Desktop Wallpaper Calendar - October

Get Your October Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

The October desktop wallpaper calendar communicates one of the most beautiful truths to ever be revealed to man:

For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2, ESV).

What’s crazy is this revelation of freedom follows right after one of the most desperate passages in the Bible, Romans 7:3-25. The verses in Romans 7:21-24 summarize mankind’s sorry state:

So I find it to be a law that when I want to do right, evil lies close at hand.

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Why It Matters That I’m a Pro-Life Woman

The other day, one of my friends posted an article about this whole Planned Parenthood nightmare on Facebook. Below her post was a single comment: “Why do you hate women?”

I don’t know if the person who posted it disagreed with her or was being facetious, but I sighed as the familiar battle lines were drawn.

I am pro-life. Do I hate women? Of course not (I am one!). But more importantly, God does not hate women.

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What May Be Happening When God Says “No”

I wanted the job. I wanted it badly. And a few weeks after making it to the final round of interviews, I learned that I had just missed the cut.

I called my friend Shon to share the bad news.

“Is the door totally shut?” he asked.

“They only hire seasonally, and this was pretty much my one shot,” I said. “So basically, God will have to do it if it’s going to happen.”

“Would you want it any other way?” he asked.