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Encouraging My Boyfriend, Painful Breakup, First Serious Relationship

Encouraging My Boyfriend

I’m thrilled Candice answered my question, and her advice was spot on. (See “Am I wrong to want more romance in my relationship?“)

My situation has actually improved since I submitted this question. I think my boyfriend just isn’t the most expressive person, even with his mom and sister, and he certainly loves and respects them both and treats them well. As I’ve given him encouragement when he’s done things that make me feel special and different from just a friend, I’ve seen more of those words/actions.

I very much appreciate the advice and prayers, and I know God is working in both my boyfriend and I, and will lead us either together or apart for His glory. Thanks for all Boundless does! It’s such a great ministry!

Painful Breakup

I am from Uganda in Africa. I came across Boundless at the time I was going through a painful breakup, and I desperately needed healing for my soul. Since then I have never looked back. In brief, this is what the articles, stories have done for me: fed my soul when I was broken, strengthened my heart when low and faint, I become hopeful about the future, joy for the mourning days, and above all, a renewed faith and commitment to Christ Jesus. Now I encourage young women, friends who are going through rough relationships, lost hope for marriage, discouraged and giving up on God. May God richly bless you. —Susan

First Serious Relationship

I’ve been listening to your podcast for a little over a year now. I had heard some people mention it, and I became curious. Since downloading the app to my iPhone, Boundless and Focus on the Family have become highlights in my week. I listen in the car, while I’m working out and cleaning. Your topics have challenged me to grow, especially when it comes to having strong Christian relationships.

About the same time I started listening to your podcast, I had just started dating someone. I was so uncertain at the beginning of my relationship with my boyfriend about what to do. As a 28 year old who had never been in a serious relationship, I struggled for direction. But Boundless has helped.

My boyfriend and I sometimes listen to the podcasts together when we travel, or I bring up topics when we are hanging out. It has been a tremendous gift in our relationship to have you challenging us. Thank you for helping us navigate dating by encouraging us to keep our relationship centered on Christ. Thank you for challenging us (your whole audience) with the tough stuff — the stuff that really matters when it comes to building strong relationships. I appreciate you so much. —Elizabeth

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