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Preview: Boundless Summer Challenge 2018

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Here's a preview of the Boundless Summer Challenge 2018, starting this Monday, June 18! It's a seven-week challenge — see how to participate and win prizes!

What’s up, Boundless friends? I’m John, this summer’s Boundless intern, and it is so great to be serving you all!

This week I’d like to give you a preview of the Boundless Summer Challenge 2018 so that you aren’t caught off guard next week when it starts on Monday, June 18 (Lisa’s birthday; she made me add that). The challenge will span seven weeks, with a new challenge each week.

Before I get into the details, some of you may be asking, “Why should I do this?” Well, here’s why …

It’s summer, and it feels like we have more time in the day thanks to additional hours of sunshine! So summer is the perfect time to challenge yourself spiritually, physically and emotionally. And the Boundless Summer Challenge will be a chance for you to grow this summer, rather than remain stagnant. And you won’t be alone — you’ll be doing it alongside the Boundless community, including the Boundless team. So join us!

Oh, and did I mention there’s a chance you could win a weekly prize or the final prize pack?

So I’ve got you convinced? Great!

How it’s going to work.

Every Monday morning I’ll share a blog post outlining that week’s challenge. I’ll give ideas for how to complete it — and don’t worry, the first week is easy and the other weeks are doable — though if it wasn’t at least a little challenging, how could we call it a challenge?

Along with the details of each week’s challenge, I’ll let you know what sort of photo you’ll need to post on Instagram that shows you’ve completed the challenge. You’ll use the hashtag #BoundlessChallenge2K18 and tag @BoundlessTeam. And of course, just search the hashtag on Instagram to see how other people in the Boundless community are completing the challenges.

To be eligible to win the prize(s), you’ll need to make sure you post your photo before the next Monday!

For each weekly prize, we’ll pick a winner based on who can create the most interesting and creative photo on Instagram that best highlights the challenge — so impress us.

For the final prize pack, first you’ll have to have completed all seven challenges on time, and then we’ll pick a winner based on who consistently posted the best photos, factoring in creativity in completing the challenges.

The prizes!

OK, I’ll tell you.

The weekly prize is a Boundless T-shirt — it’s a fresh design we’re working on right now, so I can’t show it to you yet … but stay tuned!

The final prize pack is an assortment of five books (or so), including some which were featured in previous culture segments on “The Boundless Show” as well as some others awesome books — chosen by us!

All prizes will be mailed after August 6, when the Boundless Summer Challenge 2018 ends.

You’ll also get bragging rights! At the end of the challenge, we’ll be featuring all of you who have successfully completed the challenge in a blog post on

We also have the official rules with all the legal lingo for you to read if you so desire — click here!

Please note, only those in the United States are eligible to win the prizes. Friends elsewhere, you can still participate with us.

Look for a blog post from me on Monday, June 18, featuring Challenge #1.

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John Begeman
John Begeman

John Begeman is a small-town kid who interned with Boundless the summer of 2018. He’s attending South Dakota State University, majoring in communications and minoring in broadcast journalism. He stays busy at college, working with admissions, the college newspaper and an elementary school. He’s also involved in campus ministry, leading Bible studies and helping organize events to reach the lost on campus with the gospel.

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