Amy Kessler

Amy Kessler interned with the Boundless team in 2011 and is a journalism graduate from Biola University with a minor in biblical studies. She has experience in newspapers, magazines, blogging, social media and online content management. Amy lives in California where she works as a marketing assistant for a community college district and blogs about her spiritual life. She enjoys playing tennis, experimenting with HTML, and discussing marriage and relationships.

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Given New Life

Christ’s crucifixion is like our winter. Bleak. But resurrection day is like spring — hope is born and life begins anew.

We’re Never Unemployed

  At the beginning of the month, I posted a selfie on social media as part of the #RockYourJob Contest. I wrote in the caption how I work for the Lord in my marketing job, but there are other ways we can all glorify God in what we do aside from wh …

How My Ring, Cat and Fireplace Point Me to God

I went shopping last week and discovered a new Christian store recently opened in the mall. They had a case of Scripture rings, and I had to get one. I wanted one that would be personal to me and have significance for the kind of Scriptural reminder I …

Should People With an Illness Date?

“I have a chronic illness. It is fair for me to date and desire marriage?” If you’ve followed my health struggles over the past year, this question is a fitting one to ask me. I have a mild autoimmune disease and nine food allergies. They aren’t little …

Tall Women and Short Men

“I couldn’t help but notice your husband is shorter than you.” It’s an observation with an implied question behind it of, “How do you handle that?”

Dates With a Purpose

For the last few months, I’ve been an avid viewer of 19 Kids and Counting. I admire how strongly the family views relationships and togetherness and how intentional they are in pursuit of marriage. In one of their new episodes this week, Jim Bob and Mi …

The Art of Small Talk

Small talk is one of those things you either love or dread. I’ve been blogging about introversion lately (“An Introvert’s Guide to Dating and Relationships” and “An Introvert’s Guide to Fostering Community”) and one of the things associated with that f …

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