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Saying 'Yes' to Chastity


Hope Returns

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A Wealth of Dating Advice: Episode 343

Today by Lisa Anderson5

Listen to this week's show! Question to discuss: What dating or relationship book has had the most impact on you, and why? Roundtable: A Library of Relatio..

You Are a Work in Progress

2 days ago by Josh Loke2

Christians are works in progress (WIP). I think all of us would admit that, yet even as we do, after 10 years of being part of over 20 different small groups, ..

Christians Are Weird

2 days ago by Steve Bierfeldt1

I remember playing volleyball at a high school/college youth night. At my turn to serve, I yelled across the net, “Alright, pass me the ball.” The..

Don't Confuse Busyness for Significance

3 days ago by Ashley Boyer1

You may remember from my last post, "It's Time for a New Adventure," that I recently moved back to St. Louis, my hometown. I’ve been back a..

What I Learned About Singleness From Attending a Mormon Church Service

3 days ago by Joshua Rogers5

A few years ago, I had a Mormon friend who invited me to attend a service at his church (also known as a "ward"). I had visited a Mormon church servi..

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A Wealth of Dating Advice: Episode 343

Aug 28, 2014

[56:04] - A roundup of the most influential dating and relationship books, plus dating and marriage expert Gary Thomas answers questions from listeners.


Is finding Mr. Good Enough what I'm aiming for?

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