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With less than a month until their wedding, this wasn't the first time the issue of how and where to spend holidays had come up.

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The One Thing Missing from a Lot of Mission Trips

1 day ago by Boundless Community

During my 12 months in Haiti as a missionary, every day was a hot mess — but working with missions teams could be even messier. I vividly remember one particul..

Unexpected Blessings: Episode 408

2 days ago by Boundless Community

Listen to this week’s show! Question to discuss: What are you doing to live intentionally and boldly during your season of singleness? Roundtable: Eyes o..

3 More Fun Things to Do This Thanksgiving

4 days ago by Suzanne Hadley Gosselin

Last year, I offered a list of “5 Things to Do on Thanksgiving Besides Eat Turkey.” Among the suggestions on the list were turkey trotting, trying out a new re..

5 Biblical Principles for Big Dreamers

5 days ago by Joshua Rogers

When I was in seventh grade, I wrote in my journal that I wanted to be an attorney when I grew up, because “attorneys get to do my three favorite things:..

Et Cetera: Mind Habits, Refugees, Gift Getting, Respectability Illusion

8 days ago by Anthony Ashley

Welcome to Et Cetera, where we feature some of our favorite internet content for the week. If you’d like to recommend that we feature something (even if it’s y..

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Unexpected Blessings: Episode 408

Nov 26, 2015

[51:53] - Practicing intentional thankfulness, plus Nancy Leigh DeMoss marries for the first time at 57, and Lisa Anderson helps you maximize your season of singleness.


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