3 Ways to Fight for a Better Relationship

3 Ways to Fight for a Better Relationship

Resolve conflict as a team by choosing to put the long-term health of your relationship ahead of your personal agenda. 

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Charting My Course


A New Model for Living Single

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It's Time for a New Adventure!

Today by Ashley Boyer1

I’ve been a little absent on the blog recently, because the last few weeks have brought some big changes! I’m setting off on a new adventure &mdash..

Moving Day

3 days ago by Suzanne Hadley Gosselin2

Almost nine years ago, I bought a town home. I spent four happy years with two different roommates before I met and married my husband, Kevin. Then he moved in..

Your Turn: Trusting God With the 'I Could Nevers'

3 days ago by Boundless Community7

by Darcy Brown How often do you hear of someone’s extraordinary life circumstances and think, That’s great for him, but I could never do that?..

3 Reasons Marriage Is Worth Pursuing

4 days ago by Amy Kessler14

I found an article this week about how millennials are waiting longer to marry, based on a recent study. It says that the decline in marriage in young adults i..

Under Construction: Episode 338

4 days ago by Lisa Anderson3

Listen to this week's show! Question for discussion: How can others best encourage you in a difficult season? Roundtable: Bearing BurdensWe all go through ..

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Under Construction: Episode 338

Jul 24, 2014

[48:50] - Encouraging each other in tough times, plus Rob Bentz on the value of a messy church, and a listener wants to ditch her successful career.


What can a girl provide me that I can't find in my male friends?

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