Young adult man resting

How I Learned to Rest

I was gauging my success by the number of tasks I could accomplish. But God was inviting me to something better.


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What I Learned From Multi-Level Marketing


When God Says, 'Wait' and Everyone Else Says, 'What's Wrong?'

The Blog

Meet Our Editor, Joy Beth Smith

3 days ago by Lisa Anderson

I have the privilege of introducing you to our new Boundless editor and project manager, Joy Beth Smith! Joy Beth (JB) comes to us from the Christianity Today ..

Walk This Way: Episode 434

5 days ago by Boundless Community

Listen to this week’s show! Question to Discuss: What’s one small step you can take in the direction of changing one thing in your life? Roundtable..

Grieving When God Answers Your Prayer

5 days ago by Ashley Boyer Hendley

Last week a friend was telling me about a job she’s interviewing for. As we talked through her pros and cons list, we discussed how even if she gets the new jo..

How Chewbacca Showed Us All Something About Joy

6 days ago by Suzanne Hadley Gosselin

Late last week my sister showed me a video of a woman who seemed way too excited about a child’s toy she had purchased at a department store. According to The..

What Donuts Taught Me About Anonymous Giving

7 days ago by Joshua Rogers

I recently moved to a nicer office and sent an email around letting everyone know I was now on other side of the building. In the email, I jokingly invited eve..

Podcast Section

Walk This Way: Episode 434

May 26, 2016

[47:32] - Making small life changes, plus Beth Ariane's 40 dates in her 40th year, and advice on whether to continue a sparkless relationship.


Should I pursue a godly woman, hoping that I will become attracted to her, or should I keep my distance?

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