Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas is writer in residence at Second Baptist Church, Houston, and author of numerous books, including The Sacred Search: What If It’s Not About Who You Marry, But Why?.

Why It Takes a Church to Make a Wise Marital Choice

Why It Takes a Church to Make a Wise Marital Choice

Feb 02, 2015|Gary Thomas

A few tips to get the most from others' wisdom about dating and marriage

How Would Jesus Date?

How Would Jesus Date?

Jun 27, 2012|Gary Thomas

While Jesus never dated, He did have friends. And His friendships reveal the nature of His relationships in such a way that we can imagine how He would date.

Blinded by the Sight

Jun 07, 2012|Gary Thomas

Lust destroys men's vision. Godly living, though, brings healing.

Wanted: Tough Christians

Feb 29, 2012|Gary Thomas

This is not a generation in which weak Christians will do well.

The Secret Assault

Aug 09, 2011|Gary Thomas

When so many of the writers of the Christian classics tell us to "be careful" with gluttony, we would be wise to pay heed.  

Ancient Wow

Jul 07, 2011|Gary Thomas

Adding the literary equivalent of a musical hit collection to your devotional reading  

The Beautiful Fight

Jan 28, 2011|Gary Thomas

"Not falling" is not the goal of a spiritual warrior's vocation. It's only the means.  

Enjoying the Earth Without Loving the World

Oct 27, 2009|Gary Thomas

Do you consider the world to be a mother or a prostitute?

Sexual Compassion

Sep 16, 2009|Gary Thomas

Jesus' truth is two-sided: love, acceptance, understanding, and compassion on one side, and calling people to faithful obedience on the other.

Your Seven Greatest Enemies

Aug 11, 2009|Gary Thomas

Our feeble attempts to withstand their daily assault is humiliating. Thank God.

Marry Sooner Rather Than Later

Marry Sooner Rather Than Later

Mar 13, 2009|Gary Thomas

We usually don't think of our sexual design as being an appropriate factor in getting married. But it is.

The Dangerous Beauty of Friendship

The Dangerous Beauty of Friendship

Friendship can be an enemy, a seduction of the mind lying beyond the reach of investigation. Or not.

Ignorant Christians

Dec 30, 2008|Gary Thomas

Your choice: Grow increasingly stupid, or study to show yourself approved.

Cool Compassion

Oct 31, 2008|Gary Thomas

Being a "single-issue voter" isn't cool. Of course, Christian compassion isn't about being considered "cool."

Who’s Your Boss?

May 22, 2008|Gary Thomas

You've got to serve somebody.

The Gritty Reality of Hell

Apr 04, 2008|Gary Thomas

Where did the idea of hell come from? What is it? And how should we speak of it?

Why I'm a Big Fan of Hell

Jan 25, 2008|Gary Thomas

To say that I'd do without hell is to suggest that I could do a better job fashioning an eternity than God can.  

Fear Factory

Aug 02, 2007|Gary Thomas

Drown out cries of "teotwawki!" with Christ's "peace!"

Silently Affecting Others

Nov 09, 2006|Gary Thomas

It is within your power to either bless this world with splashes of God's glory, or spray it with showers of sin.

Soul Mates or Sole Mates?

Soul Mates or Sole Mates?

Oct 13, 2005|Gary Thomas

Looking for your soul mate? Looking for someone to complete you? If so, you might be looking for the wrong thing.